Mike's Big Column
This page will be the new home of Mike's Big Column, which will give you a good look at Twisted sister from the inside - Mike Altini was there in the early days, and he's got loads of stories to tell. Stay tuned for this one - you'll get TS stories like you've never heard them before!


Now to introduce you to the crew at this time.

Hillary Heide was the drum tech. Kevin Kennelly was monitor man. He took care of all of Dee's needs. He had to have boiling hot tea with lemon and honey on the side of the stage in a thermos. This kept Dee's pipes loose and you all seen what the caffeine does to him. Charlie Barrecca was the sound man and boss of the crew. He was a fun guy but very disciplined. Everything (and I mean everything) had to be perfect or he wouldn't stop nagging till it was right. I cant tell you how many arguments he would get in with club owners and personnel if he couldn't get what he needed.

Elmo Nitrate was the light man. I was amazed and how such a big guy could hang off the rafters like an ape. hanging lights with one arm and holding on to the ceiling with another. He was very particular about his gels. Gels are like covers you put in front of the cans (lights) to make colors. He always wanted colors that no one else had. IN a way he was like a mad scientist. mixing and matching. Elmo also introduced the band every night with a funny rhyme and a loud scream. You can see the smiles and the chuckles of the crowd. He also kept everyone laughing. His sense of humor was second to none. He was also disgusting in many ways. Elmo invented the bar shot. he would take a bar mop, wipe down the bar and squeeze the dirty nasty liquid into a glass and drink it. There might be a filthy pretzel on the floor and he would eat it. The best was him going into the bathroom and taking those soap things out of the urinal putting one on each eye and doing a fly imataiton.Saying HELP ME, help me like in the movies. In later columns I will tell more Elmo stories.

People would come and go in the crew as time past. There would be Mike "Moto" Malvazio , Rocco , Bobby Thompson, Marty "Yollie" Gothenburg, Frank Rubino, Paul from Brooklyn. Roger and Scott Aufner and Sal Valvo, all security. Security wasn't an issue in the beginning. The crew would take care of that but as the crowds got larger and the shows got bigger, there was a need for that.

Now you have met the crew and i will be referring to them in my future columns.

Until next week,

Mike's Big Column will be a recurring feature on TwistedSister.com. You can reach Mike by email at mike.altini@twistedsister.com.

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