Heavy Metal Christmas?
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Subject: Heavy Metal Christmas?
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Any ideas who sang what line?
SMF Cyndi
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Subject: RE: Heavy Metal Christmas?
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MR SISTER - 2006-11-23 1:16 PM

Any ideas who sang what line?

OK, here goes what I think....

On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,

12 Silver crosses =all the boyzzz
11 Black mascaras = AJ
10 Pairs of platforms =Jay Jay
9 Tattered t-shirts =Eddie
8 Pentagrams =Mark
7 Leather jackets =AJ
6 Cans of hairspray =JayJay
5 Skull earrings =all the boyzzz+Mendoza's Choir
4 Quarts of Jack =Eddie
3 Studded belts =Mark
2 Pairs of spandex pants =AJJJJJJJJJJJ! {OMG, my fav!}
And a tattoo of Ozzy! =Dee

Just some fun reviews!!!!

Have yourself a heavy metal Christmas - Diversions

Pro Reviews

From AMG Reviews

Holidaythemed albums need to either be pretty good, horrifically terrible, or completely original to cause even the jolliest head to turn. Twisted Christmas, a tentrack collection of yuletide classics from the band that once writhed atop a convertible singing the song "Burn in Hell" near the end of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, manages to achieve all three. Twisted Sister was always a group that would occasionally transcend their hair metal image with some truly majestic and powerful rock roll, so it comes as no surprise that they filter the beloved Christmas carol through the same makeupsmeared sieve that brought the world "I Wanna Rock," "Wake Up the Sleeping Giant," and "The Prize." In fact, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" sounds so much like a reimagining of "We're Not Gonna Take It," the listener can't help but become outraged at all of the injustice in the world. "Deck the Halls" sounds like a Ramones tune, "I'll Be Home for Christmas," featuring guest vocalist Lita Ford, could have launched a thousand lighters at any stadium in the late '80s, and the absolutely embarrassing "Heavy Metal Christmas" ("12 silver crosses, 11 black mascaras, ten pairs of platforms, nine tattered Tshirts, eight pentagrams, seven leather jackets, six cans of hair spray, five skullhead rings, four quarts of Jack, three studded belts, two pairs of spandex pants, and a tattoo of Ozzy") is almost impossible to turn off without seeing it through to its loathsome but charming end.
- James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide
A Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister CD

Twisted Sister has always been able to find the heart and humor in the truly crass, so it probably should not surprise anyone that this holiday outing, TWISTED CHRISTMAS--while possibly a cash-in attempt--remains heartfelt, funny, and at times sincere (yes, sincere) throughout its 12 tracks. Dee Snider's idiot charm actually meshes surprisingly well with the childlike wonderment of Christmas. Highlights include "I'll Be Home For Christmas," featuring Lita Ford on vocals, and "Heavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days of Christmas)" with "a tattoo of Ozzy" replacing the coveted "partridge in a pear tree."

Customer Reviews


Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (5 reviews submitted)

Dee and the boys are back, with a vengeance. Great renditions of Christmas favorites, especially "O Come All ye faithful" done superbly to the music of "We're not Gonna Take It"....it works well!! Not sure grandma would like the cd, but then who cares!
Submitted by Ferg in OHIO

Heavy Metal Xmas
I have to admit that this is a pretty interesting Christmas cd. I expected a bunch of Christmas songs with the heavy touch from TS and that would have been fine in itself. But, there's a little more here than that. Each classic Christmas song is revved up TS style and also includes recognizable guitar riffs and/or drum parts from some of Twisted's more popular songs. Out of the few hard rock Christmas cd's out there, this is the best one yet.
Submitted by TDJ in Houston, TX

Twisted Sister,A Twisted Christmas
What a wicked album from the bad boys of rock n roll. All of your fave christmas songs played with crunching guitars riffs,pounding drums and the voice of an angel Mr Dee Snider himself. This is a must for people who love christmas and who love metal. SMF-4-EVA
Submitted by duncanevans in shropshire,uk

IT'S a Twisted Xmas.....
...they are back! TWISTED way! ...still rockin'&rollin' like the old way!
Submitted by vg1993sb in Prato,Italy

I had just purchased this and if you like the classic TWISTED sound with a Christmas twist this CD is a must have, for Twisted Sister fans and fans of Christmas music as well. Heavy, Christmasy and TWISTED!!!
Submitted by Andrew in Williamsburg, VA

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Subject: RE: Heavy Metal Christmas?
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You are GREAT. Thanks for everything yesterday, I'll let you know how it goes.
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Subject: RE: Heavy Metal Christmas?
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Thanks Cyndi
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Subject: RE: Heavy Metal Christmas?
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Damn doublepost.

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