Need help with MS Outlook
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Posted 2007-05-05 6:38 PM (#9818)
Subject: Need help with MS Outlook
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Any of you experts good with trouble shooting problems with MS Outlook? I have a problem I need help with. I have tried a few solutions but nothing worked yet.

I recently had to do a system recovery and so had to reinstall my software (the data is fine). I got a copy of MS Office 93 Pro ( I can't remember if I was using the Pro version prior to the recovery or not, and don't know if it matters). Everything was working fine for about a week, and since then when I open Outlook and it goes to download new mail, I get the MS error message that tells me Outlook has encountered an error and must close. It appears the errors has something to do with MSMAPI32.dll. Any of you techies encountered this before?

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Subject: RE: Need help with MS Outlook
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Hi there,

I am by NO means an expert, however, searching the Microsoft online support knowledge base I came up with the following which seems like it matches your case:

If not, you could certainly try the link below, to search further yourself and see if anything better comes up:

Good luck!