FYI For other users. Board color scheme.
Posted 2006-02-21 12:53 PM (#34)
Subject: FYI For other users. Board color scheme.
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When I first came to the new baord the color scheme was white and pink and hardly any black. The first 20 mins or so I navigated the board using the icons on the board itself. It wasn't until I clicked refresh did the true color scheme appear. The Black and Pick we're all use to.

Posted 2006-03-01 10:03 AM (#157 - in reply to #34)
Subject: I finally figured out what you're on about.
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I installed the Opera browser on my studio machine, and I can see it now.

This board uses what's called a Style Sheet (CSS) to determine background colors, font sizes, etc. Sometimes the page loads up and the CSS is slow to load, which makes the page look like crap.

Hitting 'refresh' seems to take care of it.

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Subject: RE: FYI For other users. Board color scheme.
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Server kinda slow though? I always had a problem with the old booard being slow, thought that might be different here, guess not. Same server probably so it wouldn't make a difference?

And what are the size restrictions on the avatars? Would like to be able to put up something bigger if we could.

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