It's official
Posted 2007-08-24 9:51 PM (#10731)
Subject: It's official
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The Mayor and MP (and other assorted hooligans),

You can now call me Dr. GJG. I defended this afternoon. During my introduction my boss asked, "who else has had Twisted Sister and Marc Freeman (a professor here at FSU) as mentors". LMFAO. I'm moving up to Philly as soon as Julie finds a job. I've been invited to join Monell Chemical Senses Center. I'll see you soon I hope, maybe for a Twisted Christmas show. Wouldn't that be nice?

Catch you on high,

Macedonian SMF
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Subject: RE: It's official
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aweeee.......Congratulations man.........a lot of burden way off your chest right? )
I just defended my diploma on Art academy few months ago and i know the good feel ))))))

Rock On !!!