Has M.A.M ever done one?
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Subject: Has M.A.M ever done one?
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JJ & Eddie both have both done a D.V.D showing how they did their guitaring, and helping teach others learn to play as well as they can- has M.A.M ever done a teaching D.V.D - or does anyone know if he would ever have one in the works?
I still think even tho he says he doesn't play he slams (or what ever he said) he must obviously be good at playing or he wouldn't still be in the band.
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Subject: RE: Has M.A.M ever done one?
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Don't know about MAM,but Joey "Seven" Franco has a wonderfull VHS and now on DVD i think,teaching drumming,and the DVD is called "Double Bass" .It kicks ass.......and i know AJ Pero was working on a teaching VHS in the eighties with the drummer from Kiss (was it Eric Carr???)....but they never did it cause i think Eric died (somebody correct me if i'm wrong)...

And as for MAM,he has to do a teachin' for Bass,cause he is very original bass player,and surely one of the best in Rock'n'roll