Is ALICE mad at me?
Posted 2008-10-04 8:22 PM (#16449)
Subject: Is ALICE mad at me?
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I did a video at you tube called RACCOON RELEASE set to one of Alice's songs.
we had to trap a coon that was coming onto our front porch in a box trap and release him.
the song was BYE BYE BABY. I was notified that you tube had deleted it for copywright issues.
also, I had NO WAR CAR 2 set to his I'M SO ANGRY song and it has also dissappeared from you tube.
I still have 2 Ghetto Garden videos with his music.
I know that technically you aren't supposed to use people's songs but everybody does it.
I hope he's not pissed at me.
I've been trying to get my daughter to name her son COOPER.