Drunk/Silly photos needed!
Posted 2008-12-27 1:39 PM (#17953)
Subject: Drunk/Silly photos needed!
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Extreme SMF

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Hey SMF's

I've started a website www.whenimdrunkipretendtobeinarockband.webs.com so if you have any photos of yourself or others doing air guitar, dressed up like dee etc, send them to me at write_to_bex@hotmail.com and i'l put you on the site

Would love to make the folder of people pretending to be TS the biggest!

Happy christmas/new year

Luv bex x x
Posted 2008-12-28 12:19 AM (#17958 - in reply to #17953)
Subject: great Idea
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Nearly A Band Member

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thats pretty cool I like the idea