What I need (according to Google)
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Subject: What I need (according to Google)
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I saw this on another forum & thought it was quite good
type in "your name needs" and post the best here, ie I typed "hammerhead needs"

Hammerhead needs:

rudder control

a shaft to drive it home

more fluids

to go to bed and sleep it off***

to rotate 90°s to the west for correct launch position

a Gay and Lesbian Masters swim club

to be tough to withstand constant shock from hammering

SMF Cyndi
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Subject: RE: What I need (according to Google)
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Hey Hammerhead! Nice to meet ya!

This sounded like alot of fun, so I did it. I began LMAO.....and then a few of these BLEW me away. Those of you who know me, will understand.


Great topic! Ya never know what you will come up with.

Cyndi needs chaperones for the bus.

Resources for People with Disabilities Displaced by Hurricane Katrina Disabilities not covered above

Cyndi needs five working days between final copy and printing/photocopying.

Living an Organized Life

Cyndi makes a difference

Tish and Snooky's Manic Panic

Fan Asylum: Cyndi has lymphoma cyndi kiss me here, have a diff name in here, I wish you get well very soon, and something happens so you can get the treatment you need hun. i will pray for

A Jeep In Summer Who Let In the Rain

Moving Mantra Yoga Studio - Raleigh, North Carolina

Ride For Life 'Will They Remember Me?"

Cyndi Needs a Firewall (was "Anybody There??")

Cyndi needs to sing her own songs. She's far too good of a vocalist.

Cyndi needs to do a live concert dvd which could be a 5 star.

Cyndi needs alot of support now. Anything that can be done would be greatly appreciated.

Cyndi needs help to get all the raffle stuff to the venue

Cyndi needs to happen soon.

"Minnie And Santa"


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Subject: RE: What I need (according to Google)
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Cainan needs:
a lot more pictures
Bad Medicine
a review

K9 needs:
10-15 hours