just got back from SONISPHERE fest - Bulgaria
Macedonian SMF
Posted 2010-06-24 4:08 PM (#25022)
Subject: just got back from SONISPHERE fest - Bulgaria
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Dave Mustaine played with Metallica for the first time in almost 30 years..... they played together the ''Am i evil'' song.

together with BIG 4 members

Awesome show these past 2 days in Bulgaria....... All bands kicked ass...... Alice in Chains were great with the new singer, Manowar Killed..... The Big 4 was legendary, and Rammstein were crazy... Pirotechnique guys who play with fire al of the show....

Metallica and Rammstein were headliners, and they both showed some serious Metal !!!

Now i'm tired, going to rest for a few days

I just need a Twisted Sister show too
Jim Hudson
Posted 2010-06-25 3:46 AM (#25024 - in reply to #25022)
Subject: Rocking good times ---
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Thats awesome that your having a good time , The entertainment industry seems to really be flurishing in these tough economic times , Just the opposite of what they had forcasted on the att home page here a couple of years ago. --I want in that industry .