Pinkburst Auction for Uveitis
Richard UK SMF
Posted 2011-05-02 11:38 AM (#27306)
Subject: Pinkburst Auction for Uveitis
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The link below shows all the items and what they sold for, totally $75800 excluding the buying fee. Added to the $40000 from the benefit gig that is reported by Armadillo and its a whopping £115800.

What an incredible sum. I did bid on one item, against orders!!!!, but was not lucky enough to win. However my marriage now remains intact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was great to hear the live auction, albeit with some breaks in the link. Jay Jay was in his element explaining the background of each item.

Great job Jay Jay

Richard UK SMF
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Subject: RE: Pinkburst Auction for Uveitis
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I hope I can convey this message with the tone I would if I were speaking it. As some of you have seen I was lucky enough to attend this auction with our very own Terry (Armadillo) as part of my crazy 100hr trip door-to door from UK. I would be very interested in reading JJ's thoughts on the amount raised from this auction, as well as other SMF's.

Firstly I need to make it VERY clear this is not intended in ANY way to appear critical - I also need to add that I have NO idea when it comes to the market value of guitars - but I have to admit I was disappointed by the total amount raised by the auction. After hearing from Jay Jay and Samantha about the cause and about the amount of work JJ put in to getting the various companies to participate in this project I am disappointed that such a stunning collection could go for so little.

Maybe it is just me getting wrapped up in the 'emotion' of the whole thing, with it being for such a worthy cause and understanding what a remarkable job JJ has done pulling off this collection, but I did not feel there was enough people there bidding to get the prices higher. I sincerley wanted to bid just to raise the price (although I was very concerned about being caught as the higest bidder and having to pay for something I couldn't afford). I also have to admit when I saw how little the prices were reaching I was tempted to bid to win to own one myself - however I knew I couldn't safely transport it back to the UK without a) incurring great extra cost or b) it getting wrecked in transit.

Reading Terry's road report is always amazing - especially this time when I was part of it - but one thing he wrote that he was spot on with was - that power the whole collection produced when we walked round the corner and saw all the pieces so beautifully displayed. Once again I would like this pass on my thanks to David Bonsey of the fine job they did with the auction and for his invite to the evening reception on the Saturday evening - to be able to spend so much time with such a beautiful collection was just stunning.

$125.000 is not a figure to be sniffed at - JJ and all included need to be very proud of their efforts and achievement of raising this figure - and most importantly (and so priceless) is the fact of getting Uveitis recognised and raising the awareness of this condition. But when an evening's work can pull in over 50% of what 3 years hard work can, I feel disappointed for JJ's efforts. I'm sure JJ will come out and say he was pleased with the amount raised - and so he should be - but personally I would think the auction deserved to raise even more money then it did (however I guess that is the nature and risk of auctions).
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Subject: RE: Pinkburst Auction for Uveitis
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I completely agree, Dave.....and I also hope that we'll hear from Jay Jay again on his next project. As he mentioned, tongue-in-cheek, he's off having his nervous breakdown now that it's over.

I know we masochistically watched them packing up the guitars to send them on their way--and it just made me so sad. Not only that I would have loved to have taken one home too, but I hated seeing the collection broken up, knowing that we saw them together for the last time. It was surprisingly emotion for me.
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Subject: RE: Pinkburst Auction for Uveitis
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Hi Richard bro!

Thanks for the link! I have no clue when it comes to value with these items but from what I saw on that site, the actual price paid compared to the estimated value, some bidders got a real steal! Amazing deals! Too bad they didn't have a starting bid being the lowest of the estimated value. But then again, I have no clue like I say....

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