Hungary and UK shows anyone
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Subject: Hungary and UK shows anyone
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Does anyone have a review/setlist from the shows this past week in Hungary and the UK? Boy oh boy, what's an American SMF to do....hey Armadillo, where's your review? Oops, I forgot you weren't able to make it to those shows. I'm having Armadillo road report withdrawals. Come on my overseas "babies", let's hear it. And yes, I coined "babies" from Armadillo.....Sorry Terry, had to say it.

Urosh...we're all anxiously awaiting your Macedonian SMF road report from Hungary. All you blokes out there, we're wanting to hear all about the UK shows as well!

Thank you!
Macedonian SMF
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Subject: RE: Hungary and UK shows anyone
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Here it is man :D i know you've been waiting:

OK..... starting:

Me and 2 of my friends started our trip on 8-th June, day before the show, we slept over the night in Serbia close to the border with Hungary in a motel, cause there was a big storm over our heads.
We woke up fresh and head to Budapest... When we passed over Budapest my Hungarian friend and SMF for 20 years sent me a message, and we hurried there.... we found Varpalota and first thing we did had couple of drinks and waited to buy tickets, few thousand people already arrived and it was like 14:00 hours.... 2 PM that is.
So we entered around 15:00 and i called Zsolt my friend SMF who seen Twisted 20 times and the band and Danny know him really well....
He told me he is backstage as they set the stage for the show... It was a big place, a festival with few stages and one big main Stage... we went for the main stage and i saw my friend on the stage photographing....
He called me backstage and me and my friends waited in front of twisted's dark gray van.... Zsolt told me Danny is in there and he went inside and called Danny, Danny and the Twisted roadies came out and i had a great conversation with Danny, so I MET THE MAN, it was very overwhelming for me, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING DANNY STANTON.
So we had about 5 minutes talk and we took pictures....
We went for some food and beer.... when we came back 2 hours ago.... The band was here.... Jay Jay came first out to see the stage and to take pics of the audience, not in that big crowd cause there were 2 hours before the show.... so as Danny and Jay Jay were going backstage i waved Danny from afar and he told Jay Jay to come... i shaked hands with Jay Jay, told him who am i, and we took couple of pictures with the man... JAY JAY, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.
Me and my friends kinda felt great and important cause we were backstage and not everybody can get there.... as we drank some beer on the side.... i noticed AJ and Mark..... i ran to them and AJ says.... HEY MAAAN..... and i say to AJ: you remember me? - He goes, Of Course, from Bulgaria 5 years ago.... :D MAAAAN, AJ rocks...... we had great conversation, he was telling me about the truck accident cause i asked him how was he feeling.... he's great now... the man is great and full of energy.... talked to Mark and took pictures with AJ and Mark.... so we talked a little bit after that too... asked Mark few things, as Animal Tactics Radio, so watch out SMF's, something's cooking.....
Dee and Eddie were preparing backstage in the van for the concert so we never met..... They came out just before the concert.... so we waited front rows..... and when the AC/DC song started.... WE KNEW THE TIME HAS COME.... I knew i'll have the best time in my life.....

What you don't know
Kids Are Back
Stay Hungry
Captain Howdy
You Can't Stop Rock'n'roll
Under The Blade
The Price
Fire still burns
Burn In Hell (and drum solo - so AJ turns the drum solo into the beginning of WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE of AC/DC and they started the whole song, Dee came out started singing, the played it to the end.... :D GREAT LITTLE THING... they sounded unbelievable
Shoot'em Down
We're not gonna take it,
I Wanna Rock,

Come Out And PLay,

So that's 15 songs and 10-15.000 SMF's satisfied after the show.....

in the middle of the show, Dee's and Jay jay's raps were funny, hard, joking, telling truth..... Funny thing is that when i was in Bulgaria they played I Wanna Rock as I Wanna Fuck..... it happened here too :D


i'm going in Greece for summer vacation too in 10 days.....

I HAD A GREAT TRIP with my friends.... after that we went to Vienna, Austria for the weekend..... but what happened on the Twisted Show.... will be something i'll never forget...

THANKS DANNY, JAY JAY, MARK and AJ for finally meeting you guys..... IT WAS WORTHED..... it means a lot to me.....
THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART..... i was the happiest SMF there that day...still am

See ya in Greece,