Thessaloniki SMFs
Posted 2011-07-23 9:57 PM (#28192)
Subject: Thessaloniki SMFs
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Thessaloniki live was really great, even if I expected to hear a few more classic songs (such as destroyer and I believe in rock'n'roll)! But nevermind, it was great all the same! I hope the next time TS will return in Thessaloniki, with a better promotion (there weren't many posters promoting the concert in the streets)! Anyway, I have been waiting for 22 years to see Twisted Sister in my hometown and it finally happened this year! I have seen them before at Pratteln in 2003, but the crowd was't that great as it was at Thessaloniki! We were really wild and kickind asses!!!!I can't wait to see you again in Thessaloniki next year!!!