getting a message to JJ
Posted 2012-12-23 4:24 PM (#31596)
Subject: getting a message to JJ
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Who ever is in charge of these e-mails, please make sure John (JJ) gets it, I kNOW he would want to read it , so PLEASE let him decide for himself. Hi John, this is your biggest fan Joyce, yes it's me. I wanted to tell you that I hope you and your family are well :) I'm doing fine. I would love to chat with you for a few minutes. I missed your performance in Patchogue, where I live now, I just found out about it today, I was so upset that I couldn't see the band and donate look so good, just as good as you did in 1977. God bless you. I have somethings I want you to know, nothing mind blowing or life altering, just things I think you should know, GOOD things. Please call me or write to me at your earliest convenience. 631-627-6219 or Thanks John. If Not, I know I will see you again. All my love and prayers. Joyce