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      • Q-Stock, Oulu Finland July 30, 2011
        well...and this is take two! wireless here at the airport in Oulu is going in and out...

        Alas, sadly,...the end of the European road for me. Sitting here in the airport at Oulu--the previous flight was completely filled, so I won't get to fly back with the band and crew and I'

      • Setlist for Q-Stock, Oulu Finland July 30, 2011
        Kotka review coming...
        but in the meantime, here is your Oulu soggy setlist

        1.What You Don't Know
        2.Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. Fire Still Burns
        7. We're Not Gonna Take It
        8. Th

      • Kotka Sea Festival, Finland, July 29, 2011
        And now...for your reading enjoyment...the time has come for the literary train wreck chock full of all the concert details you're aching to read...along with plenty of ridiculous foolishness that you'll wish you hadn't...

        yes, it can only be one thing: the Armadillo Road R

      • Setlist for Kotka, Finland July 29, 2011
        yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly.
        It is 4:30 am, and before I retire for the 2 hours until I leave for Oulu, I bring you the setlist....

        because....that's just what I do...

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
      • Helsinki pre-show
        Greetings once more from Helsinki...

        I'm pleased to announce that the roadcrew and most of the band have safely arrived in Finland. They chowed down on some lunch and I imagine are catching a few precious winks at the moment.
        I barely finished typing that sentence before our ver

      • On the ground in Helsinki
        Ah my babies, I've landed in Helsinki, and the striking beauty and tranquility of this city has made my travel woes a distant memory. From the moment one arrives in the Helsinki Airport, he or she realizes that this is a unique city like no other. The airport is open, airy, full of natural su

      • Armadillo is on the Road!
        Greetings my babies and welcome to my first live entry to the official blog from JFK Airport. The day began with my 7:00 AM drive to Baltimore-Washington International Airport--a trek I've made so many times now I no longer feel the tremendous anxiety when I hit the road.

        The morning

      • Prinicipal Club Theatre, Thessaloniki Greece 7/13/11

        Here fulfill your appetite for useless details, trivial knowledge, descriptive nonsense and excessive use of can only be one thing:

        Settle in with your Nescafe and baklava, it's time for the Armadillo Road Report: the official UNOfficial Twist

      • Above & Beyond; Athens Greece 7/12/11
        Oh my babies....
        It is that special time once again for the incoherent babble you know in your deepest desires you secretly long to can only be: the often replicated, always dedicated and occasionally's The Armadillo Road Report: The Official UNOfficial Twi

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