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  • 2014
    • September
      • Plenty more road reports on the way!
        New York Best Buy….the sneak preview of the Twisted Sister film….Dee Snider's Ride to End Hunger gig….and a Dee Snider SOLO show! All coming soon!
        Stay tuned, my babies!

      • Best Buy SETLIST, New York City, September 5, 2014
        Here is your setlist from the Best Buy Benefit for Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Research

        (wait til you get your eyes on this!)

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Under The Blade
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Shoot 'em Down
        6. You Can't Stop Rock n&

      • Heavy Montreal SETLIST, 10-August, 2014, Montreal Canada
        Your setlist from the Great White North
        Heavy Montreal, August 10, 2014

        1. Stay Hungry, eh?
        2. The Beast, eh?
        3. Don't Let Me Down, eh?
        4. Captain Howdy, eh?
        5. Street Justice, eh?
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It, eh?
        7. The Price, eh?
        8. Burn

      • Heavy Montreal: The Lost Report, 10-August, 2014
        Well, my babies, here is the ugly truth. I am having a helluva time writing the Heavy Montreal Road Report. Not because I don't like Montreal--I mean, hell, Montreal has poutine--it's fries, it's gravy, it's strange cheese curds...what's not to love, right? No, babies. the

    • August
      • Montreal report is late….
        I swear….it's coming this week. This trip just wiped me out!

      • Condolences to the Ojeda Family
        The Armadillo Road Reports wishes to acknowledge the recent loss of Hilda Ojeda Sojo. 1919-2024, Mother of Eddie Ojeda. Our deepest condolences are with Eddie and the entire Ojeda family.

      • Alcatraz Festival, Kortruk, Belgium 9-August, 2014
        Belgium, babies. Hard to believe but it was just a few hours before that the band, road crew and your faithful road reporter left the stage in the Faroe Islands, packed our gear just two hours later, and found ourselves in the airport on our way to Brussels.

        I’ve covered Twisted shows

      • SETLIST for Alcatraz, Belgium, 9-August, 2014
        Your Alcatraz Festival SETLIST: 9-August, 2014

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. Shoot 'em Down
        8. I Believe in Rock N' Roll

      • WATCH THIS SPACE...Alcatraz Festival in Belgium and Heavy Montreal reviews coming soon!
        Watch this space, babies.... road reports and setlists coming soon from the Alcatraz Festival in Belgium and Heavy Montreal in Canada

        I'm loopy as hell from no sleep, but one thing is for sure:

        Twisted Sister DESTROYED Sommerfest in the Faroe Islands. After this summer, no other band will even come close to delivering what the crowd experienced this past weekend. It was raw energy that set the bar so high, the inh

      • SETLIST for Klaksvik, Faroe Islands 7-August, 2014
        Your official Faroe Island Setlist, 7-August, 2014

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. I Believe in Rock n' Roll
        8. Shoot 'em Down

      • Faroe Islands: PART ONE: BEFORE THE SHOW....
        There is so much to share with you, my babies, that I'm going to break this into two blog entries. The first entry will be all travel and pre-show, to give you a flavor of a day in the life of a rock band. The second part will be the show itself.

        That said, I now bring the next ins

      • COMING SOON....Faroe Islands!
        Coming soon, babies, a special edition of the road report from the beautiful Faroe Islands!

      • SETLIST See Rock, Graz Austria, 2-August, 2014
        Your schnitzel filled setlist for See Rock, Graz Austria 2-August, 2014

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. You Can't Stop N' Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. I Believe in Rock N' Roll
        8. Shoot

      • OFFICIAL Road Report SEE ROCK, Graz Austria 2-August, 2014
        See Rock Festival, Graz, Austria 2-Aug 2014

        I suppose it would be highly politically incorrect to say that Twisted Sister annihilated Austria, given the pending anniversary of World War and the German occupation of Austria during WWII. So notwithstanding the historical overtones, Twiste

      • KNOCK! KNOCK!a
        KNOCK! KNOCK!

        WHO'S THERE?




        And we're here in Austria to kick your asses! Are you ready Austria?!! We're ready!

    • July
      • Official Report: Fox & Friends American Concert Series July 25, 2014
        {First and foremost, this edition of the Armadillo Road Report is dedicated to S.M.F. Felipe Godoy, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Felipe is a long-time S.M.F. and my first introduction to international fans when I met him in Brazil in 2010. He has been fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU

      • SETLIST from Fox & Friends American Concert Series
        SETLIST From Fox & Friends, American Concert Series
        7 a.m. July 25, 2014 Downtown Manhattan

        Your eye-opener, Wake the F*ck up, NYC! Set list:

        1. I Wanna Rock
        2. The Kids Are Back
        2.5 (I'll explain later) Shoot 'em Down
        3. The Price
        4. Yo

      • Official Road Report: BANG YOUR HEAD Festival, Balingen German 12-July, 2014
        Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen German, 12-July, 2014. Very Simple. 4th Record Breaking SOLD OUT Performance. 45,000 Fans can't be wrong.

        Oh babies, I’m not sure what to say about this edition of the Road Report. It was quite the experience. The primary fact is that Twisted Siste

      • SETLIST Bang Your Head: Balingen, Germany 12-July, 2014
        Same setlist as Sweden, but for the record....
        Bang Your Head Balingen Germany, 12-July, 2014
        1. Stay Hungry
        2. Shoot 'Em Down
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. The Kids Are Ba

      • Official Road Report Sommarfest, Svedala Sweden 11-July, 2014
        Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those who prefers the cliff notes to the bound edition, here ya’ go: Sweden was absolutely mind-blowing! The quality that only comes from a show in Scandanavia—we’re talking boss sound and enough pyro to blow up a small city—everything about this show was

      • Home at last!
        Road Reports coming very soon for Sweden and Germany--took me a few days to recover--that was some awesome, kick ass hard rocking!

        stay tuned babies...

      • SETLIST for Sommarfest, Svedala Sweden 11-July, 2014
        The sorry-it's-so-late-Sommarfest-Svedala-Sweden-Setlist

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. Shoot 'Em Down
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. The Kids Are Back
        8. I Believe In Rock n�

      • Get ready Sweden! We're gonna kick your assistant!
        Sound check sounds amazing....Sommerfest in Several is gonna rock and rock hard!

      • On our way to Sommerfest!
        the band has now all safely arrived in Copenhagen. just two more crew on their way and then we are off to Sweden!

      • SETLIST from Rockfest Barcelona, 5-July, 2014
        here is your tapas setlist...

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Street Justice
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It (Huevos edition)
        7. The Kids Are Back
        8. I Believe in Rock n' Roll

      • Rock Fest, Barcelona Spain, 5-July, 2014
        Part two: THE SHOW

        Alright then, when I last left you, it was in a sleep-deprived, hungry, and fragrant state. (My jeans enjoyed the walking tour of Barcelona) and we were preparing to head over to the festival.

        So I need to put it up front--this morning's newspaper in Sp

      • Barcelona Rockfest PART 1: The journey to Spain
        Oh my babies... I've got blisters on my feet the size of nickels, my jeans are so filthy I gave them a roll of quarters and told them to walk themselves to the laundromat, and I have sent my socks out to be cleaned....and then burned. I'm room is a sweatbox...there's no w

    • June
      • Europe Part II: here we come!
        Get ready, babies! In just a few short days, Twisted Sister is coming to Spain, Sweden and Germany!

      • Download Festival, Donington Park UK 14-June, 2014
        It’s said that when you “hit one’s stride,” it can refer to the act of reaching the peak of one’s highest level of efficiency and competency. Truly, my babies, we can say that Twisted Sister has hit their stride. The Download Festival at Donington Park personified everything that Twisted

      • Download Festival Report Coming Soon!
        Watch this space, mates! The down-low on Download is coming soon!

        It's coming soon….just a few more hours of sleep followed by some more coffee….
        in the meantime, check out the setlist!

      • SETLIST for Download Festival, Donington Park England
        Here is your setlist mates! Short but very, very sweet!

        Download Festival

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        4. Under The Blade
        5. Shoot 'em Down
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. I Am, I'm Me
      • Copenhell Road Report, 14-June, 2014 Copenhagen Denmark
        In a word: Copenhell was a night of absolute metal destruction. Twisted Sister put those young bands to shame, demonstrating that you don’t need youth, pyrotechnics or 5 trucks worth of stage equipment in order to put on the best live show in rock n’ roll. Twisted Sister kicked some serious as

      • SETLIST Copenhell 12-June 2014
        Here is your hellish setlist from Copenhell

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. The Kids Are Bsck
        3. Shoot 'em Down
        4. The Beast
        5. Don't Let Me Down
        6. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        7. Captain Howdy
        8. Street Justice
        9. We"re Not Gonna Take It

      • Copenhell bound
        All band and crew have safely arrived in Copenhagen and we're ready to rock

      • Are YOU ready for Copenhell and Download?
        Here we come babies! Copenhagen Denmark and Leichestershire UK are just DAYS away! Are you ready for Twisted Sister?

    • May
      • Official Road Report, Rocklahoma, Pryor OK May 24, 2014
        For my short-attention spanned members of the press: here is your 30-second synopsis—while Twisted Sister did not hold the headliner slot last Saturday night at Rocklahoma, they certainly held the title at the top, in Dee’s own words--turning Rocklahoma into “I Wanna Rocklahoma!” More than

      • Rocklahoma Road Report Coming Soon!
        Watch this space-- I have a road report coming soon that you're not gonna believe!

      • Rocklahoma Setlist, Pryor OK May 24, 2014
        And here's last night"s sweltering setlist...

        1. Stay Hungry
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        4. The Kids Are Back
        5. I Believe in Rock n' Roll
        6. We"re Not Gonna Take It
        7. The Fire Still Burns
        8. The P

      • Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ 05/17/14
        Hooray! Hooray! The blog is back! Thank you Webbie for fixing the blog after it was spammed into oblivion!

        Welcome back, my babies! Here we are once again for the 2014 Twisted Sister tour season and we’re already off to a fantastic start. Superstorm Sandy may have flooded the place, bu

    • March
      • Heaven and Hellfest, Mexico City March 15, 2014
        The band and road crew were all set to go. Jay Jay went down early to have a little bit of tourism time, but the rest of us were here in the states, passport and plane tickets in hand. I had purchased my ticket awhile back, and in order to prevent some of the issues that happened on my last trip to

    • February
      • 2014 Tour Dates announced and more to come...
        Welcome back, my babies! The 2014 Tour Season is upon us it will be one of the most exciting yet--with one old favorite and at least TWO places that Twisted Sister has never played before.

        March 15: Heaven & Hell, Mexico City, Mexico
        May 17: Starland Ballroom, Sayreville NJ
  • 2013
    • December
        From our family in pink and black to yours, have a very Twisted New Year! Peace, love and happiness to all of the S.M.F.s all over the world.

        Thank you for making 2013 a great year--and here's to a concert-filled 2014!

        See you on the road, in 2014, my babies


      • Rockkassiker, Gorannsson Arena, Sandviken, Sweden, 14-Dec, 2013
        With only ten Twisted Sister shows in 2013, there had to be a good reason as to why Sweden earned 30% of the lion’s share—Rockkassiker in at the Goransson Arena Saturday night was proof positive that Sweden was, in fact, the perfect choice. There may have been only a few hours of sun, but those

      • SETLIST for Rockkassiker, Sandviken, Sweden, 14-December, 2013
        Your Swedish Setlist for Rockklassiker, Goransson Arena, Sandviken Sweden
        December 14, 2013

        The full road report is coming soon!

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. Silver Bells
        6. You Can't Sto

    • November
      • Sweden is about to get a LOT warmer...
        Are you ready, my babies?

        Sweden is JUST around the corner!

        Thats right...get ready for the final Twisted show of 2013 as the Bad Boys of Rock n' Roll head into town at Sandviken, Sweden. December 14, 2013 Get your tickets now!

    • August
      • Sweden Rejmyre Part II: The lost report!
        Yes, my babies, it took some coaxing but my secret guest reporter decided not to leave us hanging in suspense. I bring you this special edition part II of the Sweden show, courtesy of our mystery writer. --yours--Armadillo--


        I’ve been told that it is customary t

      • See You Next Year, my babies!
        Thank you!
        Long Island, New York
        Freehold, New Jersey
        Sao Paulo, Brazil
        Santiago, Chile
        Columbia, MD
        Clisson, France
        Dessel, Belgium
        Austin, Texas
        Osh Kosh, Wisconsin
        Rejmire, Sweden

        If you want Twisted Sister to play your Country, State o

    • July
        FROM ARMADILLO: Alright my babies...I was NOT in Sweden with our boys in pink and black. But the road report must go on, and the following report arrived in the proverbial electronic plain brown envelope for your reading enjoyment. Here you go!


      • Sweden Road Report coming soon w/special guest report
        Ah my babies....while I was unfortunately grounded in the U.S. and unable to go to Sweden, a special edition of the road report is coming soon from a guest reporter! Watch this space!

      • Rock USA Festival, Osh Kosh WI 07/18/13
        No longer will Oshkosh be known as a town that gave us children's overalls! Oshkosh from this point forward will be known as the place where Twisted Sister it tore up and kicked some serious dairyland ass! Twisted Sister’s performance at the Rock USA Festival was, in this road reporter'

      • SETLIST Rock USA, Oshkosh WI, 07/18/13
        Well folks, it's now after 2 a.m.
        the gear is unloaded, the band is in bed and the crew are headed back to their rooms.

        the blog is down again for some reason...
        but in the interest of time, and since tomorrow is a travel day:

        Your Setlist from Rock USA
      • Graspop Metal Meeting, 28-June, 2013
        I'm speechless.

        Oh, of course not! Really, you couldn't possibly believe that, now, can you?

        The fans, road crew, band and yours truly kept repeating one word in the moments to follow Twisted Sister's performance at Graspop last night, and that word

    • June
      • Graspop Metal Meeting 2013, 28-June
        Your saturated setlist...

        It's almost 4 a.m. and we're soggy from head to toe:

        1. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. The Beast
        5. The Kids Are Back
        6. I Believe In Rock n' Roll
        7. We'r

      • Hellfest, Clisson France, 21-June, 2013
        Bonjour mesdames and monsieurs! I'm going to make this easy--plain and simple--Twisted Sister absolutely destroyed Hellfest last night. It was a sixty-minute onslaught of pure metal acceleration, from the opening note until the last ring of the amplifier. There is nothing-NOTHING--that can c

      • Hellfest Setlist, Clisson France, 21-June, 2013
        Twisted simply DESTROYED Hellfest!

        1. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. The Beast
        5. The Kids Are Back
        6. We're Not Gonna Take It
        7. The Price
        8. Burn in Hell
        9. The Fire Still Burns
        10. I Wanna

      • Republic of Texas Biker Rally, Austin Texas, June 15, 2013
        Here we go, my babies! Get your motor running and head out on the highway...coming to you from the live music capital of the world and the Great Republic of Texas' Guiness Book of World Records Holder for the largest motorcycle parade...the Austin Texas ROT motorcycle rally! Thirty years after

      • SETLIST ROT Biker Rally, Austin TX 06/15/13
        Ladies and Gentlemen...
        Here's the SPOILER ALERT...the ENCORE alone was worth it all!

        Your setlist, from the Great Republic of Texas, Biker Rally
        Austin Texas, June 15, 2013

        1.You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. Stay Hungry
    • May
      • Old Bridge Metal Militia Reunion: Sandy Benefit, 5/11/13, Freehold NJ
        [this New Jersey edition of the Armadillo Road Report is dedicated in loving memory to Pat "Godfather" Egan, a.k.a. SMF Saber. We love and miss you, brother Saber!]

        Did you feel it, my babies?

        I felt it. We all felt it.

        Last night, the Encore Event Cente

      • Old Bridge Metal Militia, Encore Event Center Freehold NJ 05/11/13
        Short and's last night setlist:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        4. Destroyer
        5. We're Not Gonna Take It
        6. Under The Blade
        7. Burn In Hell
        8. I Wanna Rock

        What it

      • M3: Merriweather Post, Columbia MD 5/4/13: PART 2: TWISTED SISTER
        I don't know how many different ways I can say this: Twisted Sister didn't just destroy the M3 Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion, Saturday night....they demolished it. Wait, not just demolition...we're talking total, absolute nuclear annhiliation! Just imagine--if that's

      • M3 Merriweather Post, 5.3.13 DAY 1 KIX/W.A.S.P.

        The M3 Festival has become a moderately recent Maryland rock tradition, but it has brought together some of the biggest names in 80's heavy metal year after year. Merriweather Post is located in the sleepy suburbs of Columbia, MD, a bedroom community for many Washington, DC commuters. G

      • M3 Setlist Take 2:
        Having some issues with home internet at the moment, so it's possible this will be a duplicate...

        but in any case...
        Your Setlist from M3, Merriweather Post Pavilion, 5/4/13

        1. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. Stay Hungry

    • April
      • Sao Paulo, Brazil April 14, 2013
        South America Part 2
        Spoiler Alert: Keeping with the new format, here's a quick synopsis of what lies ahead: Twisted Sister played their 4th Brazilian show in four years--the last one being 2010--and Sao Paulo is home to some of the most passionate heavy metal fans in the world. The Bad

      • Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile April 13, 2013
        Ah my babies, Twisted Sister did what they do best in Santiago, Chile....they blew the lid off the Movistar Arena to a house packed full of S.M.F.s ready to rock. With only two shows scheduled in South America this year, Santiago proved why they were deserving of one of them after the last TS show

      • Placeholder for South America road reports
        My dear S.M.F.s due to some challenges with internet at my current location, I can just hop on quickly to tell you that true blue full reports chock full of Twisted nuggets will be coming soon but there will be delays as I have a long 2 days (16 hours) of travel home today.

        Stay tuned an

      • South America Setlists: Santiago Chile April 13, 2013 & S.P. Brazil April 14, 2013
        Alrighty friends! Here are the setlists from South America--some real beauties on these!

        Santiago Chile, April 13, 2013
        1. You Can't Stop Rock N' 7.Roll
        2. Shoot 'em Down
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. The Fire Still Burns
        5. The Kids Are Back
        6. We're

      • Get ready to rock Chile!
        Our Twisted Five have safely landed and the crew are making their way to Chile! Are you ready Santiago? Twisted Sister is going to kick some ass tomorrow night! Stay tuned for the full Armadillo Road Report with all the concert details you're dying to know, along with plenty ya don't.
    • February
      • South America, here we come!
        South America dates are about to be announced! I've got the ticket in my hand, and I'm ready to rock in beautiful, passionate South America.

        Get ready, my babies, April is gonna be a great month!

  • 2012
    • December
      • Twisted Christmas Benefit for Hurricane Sandy, Long Island NY 12/16/12
        Last night's Twisted Christmas Benefit for Hurricane Sandy rocked Long Island. A packed house full of big-hearted fans and musicians rocked the roof off "The Emporium" while raising tens of thousands of dollars for the survivors of the storm that devastated the people of Staten and L

      • SETLIST Twisted Christmas Benefit, Emporium 12/16/12
        Here's your seasonal setlist:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. White Christmas
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
        7. We're Not Gonna Take It
        8. The Price
        9. Under T

    • August
      • Clearfield County Fair, Clearfield PA 08/04/12
        Knowing that many of you A.D.D. folks only have the attention span to read the first paragraph and the setlist, I want to be sure to give you the real meat and potatoes first, and so for you, here it is:

        In spite of wretched heat and humidity, torrential rains and high winds that wreaked

      • Setlist for Clearfield County Fair, PA, 08/04/12
        Ladies and Gentlemen--
        Your somewhat soggy end-of-summer setlist:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Wake Up The Sleeping Giant
        5. I Believe in Rock N' Roll
        6. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        7. The Fire Still B

    • July
      • Last show of the summer!
        That's right, my babies...we're finally at the last show of the summer! Twisted Sister will be headlining the Clearfield County Fair, PA this Saturday, August 4th--the local newspaper estimates the fair draws 100,000 people each year, so let's pack the fairgrounds from the front row

    • June
      • Graspop Metal Meeting (GMM) Dessel, Belgium, June 23, 2012
        It has been eight long years since our boys in black and pink graced the stage in Belgium--and 17 years of waiting to finally play Graspop--but one thing is for certain: Graspop and its fans will never be the same again. According the Belgian press, numbers are still being calculated from yesterda

      • standby folks...technical difficulties
        I've been trying to post for the past two hours...having some connection issues here at the hotel...
        please standby

      • Setlist for Graspop Metal Meeting (GMM), Dessel, Belgium June 23, 2012
        I know you want here it is:

        Your setlist for Graspop!

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Wake Up the Sleeping Giant
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. Shoot 'em Down
        7. We're Not Gonna Tak

      • The Armadillo has landed!
        This isn't exactly the moon...and I ain't no eagle...but the band and crew are making their way to Belgium. I believe there may be a few still in transit, but most are resting comfortably, aided perhaps by the gray and rainy skies here in Belgium.

        I'm easily the most reste

      • Official Armadillo Road Report for Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria Spain June 14, 2012
        Welcome to what I have now deemed: "The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lyin', The Bitchin' & The Buttprobe".

        Hauling suitcases, gear and such across Europe is quite honestly, a real pain in the keister--now I understand why the young folks "backpack across Europe&

      • Setlist for Vitoria Spain, ARF, June 14, 2012
        Aqui esta Setlist para Vitoria Espana!

        Your setlist from the Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria Spain, June 14, 2012

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Wake Up the Sleeping Giant
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. Sin

      • Sweden epilogue...onto to Spain!
        The day after Twisted played Sweden was pure afterglow. I walked about the streets in Kristianstad, sampled the tasty treats of street vendors and just enjoyed the rare sunny day. To my delight, I spied a big, white box truck bearing the Motorhead logo, parked alongside a matching VW bug. Figuring

      • Official Road Report for Sweden Rocks 2012, Solvesborg June 8, 2012
        The coffee cup is empty...cookie crumbs decorate my hotel desk....the notepads are full of Armadillo shorthand and I feel as though the proverbial truck that hit me in Norway, threw it in reverse and backed up over me a few times for good measure.

        You know, of course, that can mean only o

      • Sweden Rock Setlist, Solvesborg, June 8, 2012
        The Sweden Rock 2012 setlist:

        Same as Norway, except note that Fire Still Burns and Sin After Sin were reversed in order:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Wake Up The Sleeping Giant
        5. I Believe in Rock n' Roll

      • Thank you Norway....On To SwedenRock!
        The last two days in Norway gave us considerably better weather. Given it was the day before load-out, I opted to take it easy (I've pretty much left treads on every street in Trondheim)and converted my room into a makeshift laundry.

        While washing the aforementioned unmentionables,

      • Retraction
        I have to add this retraction--and in my defense, I was incredibly tired AND that damn sound check really was remarkably loud!

        I did get to meet Diesel Dahl (great guy!)--I had his name jotted down in my notebook--and inadvertently scribbled Hakon's email next to it. (so if you click

      • Trondheim, Norway Setlist June 2, 2012
        It's almost a quarter til 3 a.m. It's STILL light outside...but I must perform my civic duty:

        Your setlist from tonight's show in Trondheim, Norway--and WHAT a setlist it is!

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Wake

      • Official Road Report for Trondheim Norway June 2, 2012
        Greetings and salutations, my babies, and thanks for tuning back in for another installment of the EU edition of the Twisted Sister tour blog. Welcome to Norway, where it's brighter at midnight than it is at high noon....the weather here is cold and,'s sunny and somew

      • Armadillo on the move...Greetings from Norway!
        Well my babies, it's almost 11:00 PM and sun is shining so that can mean only one thing..that's right! We are in Norway.

        It was a long and adventurous travel day for me--truly a planes, trains and automobiles kind of way. I left at 11:00 am EST for the train station, (Shout out

    • May
    • March
      • On to glory!
        Stay tuned, my babies...

        the European edition of the Armadillo Road Report is coming this summer!

        I'll be on the road this summer in Norway, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and the U.S. Look forward to seeing all you SMFs on the road and rest assured I'll be br

      • Setlist for Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie New York, March 3, 2012
        The absolutely fantastically played setlist:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Destroyer
        5. You Can't Stop Rock M' Roll"
        6. The Fire Still Burns
        7. Sin After Sin
        8. We're Not Gonna Take It
        9. The

      • Detective John Falcone Memorial Concert, Poughkeepsie NY, March 3, 2012
        I apologize for the lateness of my report, but I had to tend to some serious personal matters upon my return.Please forgive all the typos--I'm not going to be able to proof it carefully so I'm posting the raw report and I'll clean it up tomorrow. But fear not--I would not default on

      • Pre-show tidbits
        Greetings from beautiful downtown Poughkeepsie!

        SMF Chris aka Captain Howdy shared the train ride with the spectacular albeit foggy Hudson scenery whizzing by and we have landed in Poughkeepsie. One Twisted sighting already on the books...and Y&T just strolled into town. We gave the

    • January
      • Benefit concert in memory of Detective John Falcone
        I want to personally encourage every single SMF out there to buy a ticket to the upcoming Twisted Sister show on March 3rd in Poughkeepsie NY, at the Hudson Civic Center. It's for a very important cause--and ticket prices are low enough for GA to accommodate almost anyone.

        Police Of

  • 2011
    • December
      • Happy New Year to SMF's everywhere!
        Just taking a moment to reflect on the incredible year 2011 was for Twisted Sister fans. While all of the local news broadcasts are calling 2011 a year that many wish to forget, for so many SMFs, 2011 was a year we will remember forever.

        This time last year, we were still flying high from

      • Best Buy Theater, Times Suuare, New York City, December 17, 2011
        You’d think that after the dozen or so Twisted Christmas shows that I’ve been fortunate enough to attend…that I would have a lack of things upon which to comment. Not so, my Twisted siblings! A chilled soda and stack of chocolate bars sits next to the notepad now filled with pages upon pages

      • Best Buy Theatre, Times Square NYC December 17, 2011
        Well folks- another great show, road report in progress... in the meantime, for archivist purposes, here is the setlist-- same as the Long Island show! (but still fantastic)

        1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. White Christmas
        4. Destroyer
      • Paramount Theatre, Huntington LI NY, December 2, 2011
        Ho, Ho , Ho my babies!

        The roadies are donning their tights, the SMFs are full of holiday cheer, the truck is full of gas, and I’m full of Ibuprofen. So you know that it can only mean one thing…. that’s right, my Twisted brothers and sisters…

        It’s time…here now

      • SETLIST The Paramount, Huntington NY December 2, 2011
        Here you go! Your seasonal setlist:

        1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. White Christmas
        4. Destroyer
        5. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
        6. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        7. Deck The Halls
        8. The Price
        9. Oh Co

    • October
      • Christmas is coming!
        Yes, yes it's true, it's true! Not one, but TWO Twisted Christmas shows in 2011.

        Some of you have labeled me the "boy who cried wolf" but we can never assume that the tour will go on.... and every show you miss, is one less opportunity to see the boys throw it down li

    • August
      • Grand Junction Colorado, Rock Jam 2011, 08/27/11
        My babies, I've brought these road reports from the rooftops pools, hotel lobbies and airport waiting rooms....but this one is a first: I'm typing this in an electricity deprived house, reading my notes by headlamp and typing by lantern-light. The power company does not anticipate that I

      • A moment to reflect
        I realize that most of the SMFs can't read this post because they're literally sitting in the dark. Please join me in wishing all of the band and crew safe travels home. May they get home soon and find their families and properties safe and sound. My thoughts as well are with all the S

      • Grand Junction, CO Setlist
        The Setlist of champions:

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. The Fire Still Burns
        7. We're Not Gonna Take It
        8. The Price
        9. Shoot 'em Down

      • On the ground in Colorado
        This is gonna be a tough one...for many reasons.

        After surviving the Great East Coast Quake of 2011 (my coffee spilled. I'm VERY distraught about that.) I then have to deal with the hurricane. Now mind you, that's part of my job and I enjoy it, I've got shelters opening up

      • Quebec, Canada August 20, 2011
        What seems to be par for the course, I'm stuck here at Gate 31, Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec, Canada (eh?) and every 5 minutes they announce another delay...I think it's going to be a long road back to Baltimore. I've got two loonies in my pocket (wait, that doesn'

      • Quebec's Answer to Dee Snider: Mini-Dee!

        The official road report is still percolating... but in the meantime, I give you this:
        Everyone meet Guillaume a.k.a. Little Dee.... or maybe, we should say
        Gee Snider!

        Little Dee was there with proud parents en tow, and unfortunately, the photos that I have from th

      • Quebec City Setlist
        As the road report materializes, here is your Quebec setlist, coming to you live from the Jean-Lesage International Airport in Quebec City...

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll

      • Pre-show report: Quebec City, Canada
        It wasn't exactly easy getting here today, which is ironic, considering I spent about 3 hours total in the opposed to Finland, that seemed like an eternity. Work obligations prevented me from arriving yesterday, which is truly a pity--I would have loved more time to explore Quebec.<

      • Getting ready for Quebec...
        So as the band and crew prepare their equipment--Eddie just tweeted that he's getting his gear ready for Quebec--I swear, that man's musical accoutrements have enough cables and electronics to rival the Hubble--so too, do I, your faithful road reporter, prepare for the glories of tour.
    • July
      • Q-Stock, Oulu Finland July 30, 2011
        well...and this is take two! wireless here at the airport in Oulu is going in and out...

        Alas, sadly,...the end of the European road for me. Sitting here in the airport at Oulu--the previous flight was completely filled, so I won't get to fly back with the band and crew and I'

      • Setlist for Q-Stock, Oulu Finland July 30, 2011
        Kotka review coming...
        but in the meantime, here is your Oulu soggy setlist

        1.What You Don't Know
        2.Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
        4. Captain Howdy
        5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
        6. Fire Still Burns
        7. We're Not Gonna Take It
        8. Th

      • Kotka Sea Festival, Finland, July 29, 2011
        And now...for your reading enjoyment...the time has come for the literary train wreck chock full of all the concert details you're aching to read...along with plenty of ridiculous foolishness that you'll wish you hadn't...

        yes, it can only be one thing: the Armadillo Road R

      • Setlist for Kotka, Finland July 29, 2011
        yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly.
        It is 4:30 am, and before I retire for the 2 hours until I leave for Oulu, I bring you the setlist....

        because....that's just what I do...

        1. What You Don't Know
        2. The Kids Are Back
        3. Stay Hungry
      • Helsinki pre-show
        Greetings once more from Helsinki...

        I'm pleased to announce that the roadcrew and most of the band have safely arrived in Finland. They chowed down on some lunch and I imagine are catching a few precious winks at the moment.
        I barely finished typing that sentence before our ver

      • On the ground in Helsinki
        Ah my babies, I've landed in Helsinki, and the striking beauty and tranquility of this city has made my travel woes a distant memory. From the moment one arrives in the Helsinki Airport, he or she realizes that this is a unique city like no other. The airport is open, airy, full of natural su

      • Armadillo is on the Road!
        Greetings my babies and welcome to my first live entry to the official blog from JFK Airport. The day began with my 7:00 AM drive to Baltimore-Washington International Airport--a trek I've made so many times now I no longer feel the tremendous anxiety when I hit the road.

        The morning

      • Prinicipal Club Theatre, Thessaloniki Greece 7/13/11

        Here fulfill your appetite for useless details, trivial knowledge, descriptive nonsense and excessive use of can only be one thing:

        Settle in with your Nescafe and baklava, it's time for the Armadillo Road Report: the official UNOfficial Twist

      • Above & Beyond; Athens Greece 7/12/11
        Oh my babies....
        It is that special time once again for the incoherent babble you know in your deepest desires you secretly long to can only be: the often replicated, always dedicated and occasionally's The Armadillo Road Report: The Official UNOfficial Twi

    • May
      • Pinkburst Auction 5/1/11
        And now for Pinkburst Project Part II....The Auction itself, Boston MA, May 1, 2011.

        I learned of the Pinkburst Project (and brought it to you first!) in a hotel bar in Buenos Aires--oh gawd, that sounds so internationally sophisticated--for those who don't know me at all, just know

    • April
      • Best Buy Theatre, NYC, PInkburst Project Benefit, 4/29/11
        Good evening my babies!
        You knew it was coming... like a gastrointestinal serenade after a trip to Taco Bell…. It is time, once again, for the rarely anticipated, often overrated, highly orchestrated and occasionally duplicated—here now, for your reading enjoyment, I bring you: The Armadil

  • 2010
    • November
      • El Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires Argentina 11/28/10
        Buenos Noches my sick babies—
        I can barely keep my eyes open but a promise is a promise—the Buenos Aires installment of the Armadillo Road Report. This is going to be a toughie—I truly don’t know what to write. Buenos Aires was so surreal, so bizarre, so incredible—for the first time

      • Via Funchal, Sao Paulo Brazil 11/27/10
        Sao Paolo BRAZIL, 11/27/10
        Hola, Bom Gia and Buenos Dias
        I am finally back on U.S. soil, and it’s time… once again…. my S.M.F. brothers and sisters, for the literary masturbation chock full of useless information for my enjoyment and yours….that exercise in excessiveness you have

    • July
      • Midwest Rock Festival, Wichita KS, 7/24/10
        Well "yee-haw" and "hell yeah!"--it's time to put on the big hats and ridiculously enormous belt buckles and bring you the second installment of the Armadillo Road Report, midwest edition--this time from Wichita, Kansas.

        First things first--I must apologize for t

      • RockNAmerica Festival, Oklahoma City, July
        Good morning my babies....
        No time, no time....must hit the road in moments to make it to Wichita so you'll have to wait for what I assure you will be a thorough and twisted road report....

        but since you ALWAYS ask, here is your setlist for last night:
        1. Come Out and Pl

    • April
      • Red Robinson Casino, Vancouver Canada 4/10/10
        Welcome, welcome and bienvenue! Oui, oui monsieurs et madamoiselles, it is time for the very first international edition of the 2010 World Tour, Armadillo Road Report: the official UN-official Twisted Sister concert review, with all of the show details you’re itching to hear about….and plenty ya

  • 2009
    • December
      • Hilton Las Vegas, Part 3 12/17/09
        December 17, 2009 Hilton Las Vegas Part III

        Hey. I'm on a budget here.
        Don't worry....there will be more when I return to the land of free internet.

        The Real Road Report Part III:
        Despite true blizzard conditions, cab

      • Hilton Las Vegas, Part 2: 12/16/09
        December 16, 2009
        Hilton Las Vegas, Part TWO

        Oh my SMF friends....
        Here I am, two buffet visits later, ready to bring another installment of the over-indulgent, occasionally delusional and self grandiose but never dull Official Armadillo Road Report, the Official UNOfficial Twi

      • Hilton, Las Vegas, 12/15/09 Vegas Part #1
        Oh my babies...this will probably be the fastest and shortest report ever...not because there isn't enough to report... but the meter is running! I'm typing this at .79 a minute from the hotel business center. Yikes. But not even insane internet rates can prevent me from bringing this spec

      • NYC, Nokia Theatre, 12/6/2009
        It's a long way to the top....and it was a longer bus ride to the bottom, courtesy of an overturned tractor trailer that shut down the Lincoln Tunnel.... but neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night could prevent me from bringing you the overindulgent, excessively worded and occasionally intel

      • Glenside, PA (Philly) Keswick Theatre, 12/2/09
        December 2, 2009
        Keswick Theatre, Philadelphia PA

        Ah my babies....
        Grab that mug of egg nog and join me for the first of five domestic holiday reviews! Yes, it is time for the Official Unofficial Twisted Sister Concert Review: The Armadillo Road Report for the first Twisted C

    • November
      • Plymouth, MA Veteran's Hall, 11/6/09
        November 6, 2009 Plymouth, MA
        Ah my babies….
        It is my distinct pleasure to bring to you now, the latest edition of the Armadillo Road Report, Plymouth Massachusetts, containing all of the concert review details that you want to know…and plenty you don’t! Coming to you fresh from th

    • October
      • Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando, FL Velvet Sessions 10/29/09
        October 29, 2009, Orlando Florida, Hard Rock Hotel, Velvet Sessions
        You know, I typed the entire road report and lost it when I hit “Submit”… so maybe this second time around it will be a little tamer because draft one was a real humdinger!

        You knew this was coming…and yet

    • July
      • Ft. Wayne, IN, Mid-West Rock Festival, 7/18/09
        July 18, 2009 Ft. Wayne IN, Mid-West Rock Festival

        All my dear Slamboaders, settle down, get yourself a tall, cold beverage and put on your reading glasses because this one is gonna be a DOOZY!

        Yes, it's time, once again, for the official Armadillo Road Report and conce

    • May
      • Columbia. MD Merriweather Post Pavillion, M3 Festival 5/30/09
        May 30, 2009 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavillion, M3 Festival
        Good evening my Babies…
        Again I return, your trusted servant, to bring you only the fullest concert review otherwise known as The Official Armadillo Road Report, complete with all the details you want to know…and plen

    • February
      • Farmingdale (Long Island) NY, Crazy Donkey, 2/28/09
        February 28, 2009
        Crazy Donkey, Farmingdale NY (Long Island)
        Good morning babies! This show had so much to write about that I'm actually posting this one from the road! (and here I was, so worried that I wouldn't have anything to write differently from the last Bent Brother/Stay

      • Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom, 2/6/09
        February 6, 2009
        Starland Ballroom, Sayreville NJ

        Ladies, gentlemen and those that fit into other categories....
        it's time, once again, for your long-awaited and long-winded Armadillo Report from the Road chock full of what you want to know and many more details you didn&

  • 2008
    • December
      • Nokia Theatre, Times Square NYC Dec 5 & 6, 2008
        December 5 & 6, 2008
        Nokia Theatre, Times Square New York City

        Yes ladies, gentlemen & those in other categories...

        It's time for my traditional everything you wanted to know about the show and plenty of things you didn't! The Armadillo Road Report: The

    • July
      • NYC, Nokia Theatre December 5 & 6, 2008
        December 5 & 6, 2008
        Nokia Theatre, Times Square New York City

        Yes ladies, gentlemen & those in other categories...

        It's time for my traditional everything you wanted to know about the show and plenty of things you didn't! The Armadillo Road Report: The

  • 2007
    • December
      • NYC, The Fillmore/Irving Plaze, 12/21/2007
        Howdy Ho Folks!
        Or should I say, Ho Ho HO....Folks...
        Time once again, for Armadillo's road report of all the details you wanted to know and plenty of details you didn't.

        Courtesy of a fellow slamboarder (I won't say who to protect the innocent) I w

  • 2006
    • December
      • Baltimore, Maryland Ramshead Live 12/21/2006
        Well howdy my fine SMF Friends--
        Settle in by the fire and get ready for a nice long post....the full story on the Baltimore show last night in graphic detail to give the full flavor for those who couldn't join us. Yes, that can only mean one thing…the Armadillo Road Report!

    • April
      • Silverton Casino, Las Vegas April 2006
        Ladies & Gentlemen,
        It’s time once again for the Armadillo Road Report, the Official UNOfficial Twisted Sister concert review containing all the details you wanted to know….and plenty ya don’t!
        Well okay folks--
        I've slept off most of the day and it's time for th

  • 2003
    • July
      • Placeholder for the missing road reports
        The first road report of the reunion tour was the Six Flags show, July 5, 2003. Unfortunately, due to the website conversion, all of the Road Reports from 2003 to 2006 were lost, and are in the process of being recovered from the old website archives.

        Consider this a placeholder for th