RockNAmerica Festival, Oklahoma City, July 
Friday, July 23, 2010, 06:54 PM
Good morning my babies....
No time, no time....must hit the road in moments to make it to Wichita so you'll have to wait for what I assure you will be a thorough and twisted road report....

but since you ALWAYS ask, here is your setlist for last night:
1. Come Out and Play
2. The Kids Are Back
3. Stay Hungry
4. Captain Howdy
5. Shoot Em Down
6. You Cant Stop Rock N Roll
7. The Fire Still Burns
8. We're Not Gonna Take It
9. The Price
10. Burn In Hell
11. I Wanna Rock
Encore 1: Long Live Rock N' Roll
Encore 2: SMF

bleary eyed I hit the road again! juicy details when I get back.....
and here's the teaser: What do Faster Pussycat, Dee Snider, Amarillo and OKC all have in common? This one ain't hard...wait til you hear....

trotting off for now...

Oklahoma City, OK, July 23, 2010 Rock in America
Sing it with me...OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHKlahoma...

Oh my babies…it’s time for the latest installment of literary drivel—the longwinded, keyboard incontinence also known as The Armadillo Road Report: The Official UNOfficial Twisted Sister Concert Review of Oklahoma City, ROCKNAMERICA, July 23, 2010, chock full of all of the concert details you want to know (…and plenty you don’t!). This beautiful trip flew me over the Mississippi Delta—a chocolate ribbon cutting across the geometric farm swatches of the south. If you’ve never flown cross county, the mid-west looks something like a cross between a patchwork quilt and a factory-seconds jigsaw puzzle. Strange square land tracts, not quite even, with crop circles from irrigation systems dotting the landscape as the perfect alien landing site. Airtran Airlines has satellite radio—I listened to Hair Nation on my trip here and was delighted when “Under The Blade” came over the headphones.

I met up with our Slamboard’s own Captain Howdy, Chris from Chicago, and he navigated the three hour drive from Wichita to Oklahoma City, which turns out to be a very fast drive when you’re listened to some ancient Twisted tracks. After all the tornado forecasts, Chris was awakened in the night by the walls shaking and the sound of a freight train coming through….fortunately, it was not a Twister. Just my snoring. Who knew?

We met up with the one, the only, Da’ Mayor, DCT, Donna from Connecticut for some pancakes. Speaking of pancakes, it’s FLAT out here. I mean, there’s flat…and then there’s Kansas flat. It’s flat as a pancake…flat as cola left in the sun….flat as my first girlfriend’s, oh, never mind! You get the picture. In spite of that, we had a bit of trouble locating the actual festival. For a major city, we just didn’t see a lot of PEOPLE in Oklahoma. It was a little bit unnerving, really.

As always, there were some more Twisted Sister road quirks. My personal favorite: we pulled into the OKC Zoo Amphitheatre parking where a security guard instructed us to park…then take the “Kickapoo Shuttle”. How could I resist?
The road to the show was lined with carney vendors, boasting cotton candy, ice cream and pickles. Yep. Maybe they were expecting a lot of pregnant metalheads. Inside the venue, it was as you would expect—large grassy open field with a fenced concrete area in the front for the VIP ticket holders. This time around, I opted to bypass the VIP ticket (130 clams!) and stood in the front on the lawn, about 15 feet back from the stage.

The heat was absolutely remarkable. I was contemplating stripping to the waist, but apparently there aren’t a lot of European Jews in OKC…I think if you put all of the chests together in that place, I still have more hair on mine. Man, I was feeling a bit self-conscious—they grow them cowboys BIG here in OKC!
But all the same, the people here were friendly, polite and quite hospitable. Overall, a delightful but hard-rocking crowd. There was one really bad fashion moment: a local kid (about 17) who places in a youthful heavy metal band called “Down and Dirty” was sporting black leather pants, pulled down past his ass a la gangster look…and then we were “treated” to a view of his hot pink and blue leopard print spandex skivvies. Parents….please step in here. Leather pants are fine….but they simple MUST be worn above the crack, no exceptions.

On to the music. There was much good music to be had. Many noteworthy bands—we arrived in time to hear “Sweet”. Remember them? “Love is like Oxygen?” “ Ballroom Blitz?” They played them all. The poor drummer looked like he could use some oxygen….and the bass player had to sit between songs….and the keyboardist was wearing sandals and a Utilikilt (yes, it’s real. Google it.) Okay, okay, these guys are aging a bit, but they sounded great. Chris and I gave them four horns up.

Bullet Boys took the side stage, and I really haven’t much to say about them—they were not my fave in the days of yore, so they didn’t do much for me yesterday. They sounded pretty good—Chris and I were both surprised that they opted NOT to play ”Smooth Up”… their big hit. Go figure. Trixter was next up. Again, I’m just not a big fan here, but I’ll say this: they aged well. Musically? They looked good. Really good. The crowd certainly liked them, so I’m obviously biased here. Perhaps it was the heat but I swear I saw an eagle soaring overhead…unless it was a buzzard. That’s possible. I trotted off to one of the misting showers, hosed down in some cold water and came back to hear Faster Pussycat.

In contrast to Trixter, Faster Pussycat actually SOUNDED good…but man, they looked like hell! They lost my respect early with a completely unnecessary vulgar rant. The venue announced early on that there were local laws concerning profanity, and the bands were all warned. Faster Pussycat seemed to be intentionally dropping f-bombs, along with plenty of other words that gentlemen do not utter in the presence of kind ladies. It was a train wreck, and really a distraction from the reason fans were there—to hear music. The concert promoters pulled the plug on them early. We later learned from Dee himself, that the band lead singer was arrested and slapped with a fifty thousand dollar fine. Remember Amarillo anyone? I’m sure Dee does! Shame on Faster Pussycat. Two horns down and the number of a good bail bondsman.

Great White was next on the big stage, and I give them a lot of credit. Aside from everything else this band has been through, the lead singer just had two back surgeries. Even so, they played well—once they worked through some dreadful sound issues for the first couple of songs. They did an impromptu sound check by playing an acoustic audience sing-a-long to “Behind Blue Eyes” that was, quite frankly, the best moment of their set. The rest of the band was quite lackluster, and to my knowledge, they haven’t had back surgery, so I don’t know what their excuse was, but I’ll blame the heat. They were very entertaining overall, and we were treated to “Save All Your Love”, “Rock Me,” “House of Broken Love” and “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” Two horns up for Great White and cup of coffee for the rest of the band. In a bizarre moment, Security scolded a hardcore Great White fan behind us for “singing too loud” and “jumping around too much.” I was beginning to worry about how OKC was going to handle the Twisted ones.

As the sun set behind us, Eddie Trunk introduced us to Adam Parsons, the man behind the “Stand Up and Shout Fund,” soon to be a foundation and they ran a short DIO tribute video on the two jumbo screens. We all appreciated the sentiment behind it—the actual tribute was very poorly assembled and executed, but we know it came from the heart. Even if it looked like my 8-year old nephew did the editing. We also viewed some very touching words from Wendy Dio—a part of the concert day tickets go to this fund to help cancer patients who lack the financial resources for their treatment. We also learned that a tribute tour may hit the road soon with some big names, so stay tuned for that!

Then finally, with the sun now down, the stage was darkened and on came “Long Way to the Top”! Finally…after baking in the Oklahoma sun for hours…..our boys were onstage! What a difference! After sitting through band after lackluster band, you could really see the difference. Twisted Sister took the stage with the energy of ten thousand—if ever there was a doubt why we endured such adverse conditions. Much like the European show, they switched Long Way to “Man on the Silver Mountain”. You saw the setlist….

Dee jumped off the stage during “Kids Are Back” and we weren’t sure if he fell….was attacking a sitting fan…or just caught up in the moment. Fortunately for all, it was the latter. Dee explained that it was going to be a clean show—and him being a former choir boy—he was accustomed to not swearing. [Great Dee-ism: “I didn’t take communion and go, ‘thank you f’in father…’”] and so we had a lot of Southern “HELL YEAHS!” Okay, not the same, but it beats getting tossed in jail.

Shoot ‘em Down was fantastic—they worked out a few early sound issues and MAM’s bass line absolutely shook the place. He pounded that bass as usual—I don’t know what his necks are made of but I swear it must be titanium. Dee followed it with “DANG!” uh….yes. dang.

Jay Jay treated the crowd to a little Twisted history lesson and a reminder that many of the bands we listened to earlier had fan followings of more than 20 years—take that American Idol! Dee lead into WNGTI, and shared with us one of his Europe stories—at their Germany show, the crowd sang WNGTI so loud that they wouldn’t stop until TS played it again. The OKC crowd was a little slow on the cue, and they took some serious prodding to sing it a cappella. I blame it on the heat.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” is always a crowd favorite—Eddie was a little off his game tonight. We blamed…. the heat, of course. He hit a clunker during his WNGTI solo and we’re not exactly sure what happened during “The Price”—maybe he was cutting it short to fit in more music. Why, you ask? Because OKC Zoo amp has a curfew! DANG. To quote Dee “Curfew? What are we? 12?”

Dee did some shameless self-promotion for his show on A&E, and just teased us with “I’m the quiet one! I swear!” Hmmmm. We’ll have to see about that.
We did have some wonderful old school moments—OKC is one of the few places where folks actually had lighters! Not apps of lighters…not cell phone photos of lighters…real, honest to god butane. Ah, the memories. The lawn was a sea of lighters—it gave me chills.

“I Wanna Rock”: there aren’t too many variations on this one, but leave it to Dee. He told the audience: “You can’t screw this up! It’s easy…I say ROCK. You say ROCK. You’d have to be some dumb mutha…”
OOPS. Almost. Alllllllmost. And then….Dee gave us the best Dee-ism yet. Instead of you-know-what, he coined the term “Sick Mutha Obamas”. Brilliant.
Dee intro’d Howard Pollack, the promoter who made ROCKNAMERICA happen….four horns up… as Dee said, “Brother, you got sack. I can see ‘em hanging down.”

Then, the moment we were all waiting for: “Long Live Rock N’ Roll.” It gave me absolute chills—Eddie totally redeemed his earlier flubs and Jay Jay, playing a black Les Paul (Blackburst?), did a rendition that really did the original justice. Just fantastic, fitting and I felt honored to be able to hear it.

We closed with S.M.F…..changed to S.M.O. and we sang many rousing verses of “Sick Mutha Obama” to the delight of all political parties.

Big shout out to Tony in Oklahoma and his front row pals—a true gentleman through and through—and a delight to rock out with.

We did have one brief douche bag moment with some beer throwing okie’s….and a weird guy in the front row on STILTS. Yes , you read that right. Somebody get me a chainsaw.

There's so much more... but I’m about to be lynched by an angry mob of hotel guests who need to print out their boarding passes and I’m hogging the hotel computer…

Until tonight’s show in Wichita…

This is Armadillo…your faithful road reporter…trotting off to wake up Chris and hit the road again…

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Once again the media clamped on it, praised it and compared it to that of Martin Luther Kings great speeches, Nonsense! Martin Luther King did not lie to the public, he stood proud and today he stands tall. He didn't use those lies to poison our youth. And make no mistake Obama did so not to open up dialogue, but rather to stir up the youth vote. That is shameful.
Appearing mindful also with Short UGGS conscious involving might know about tell to whom is more affordable when one claim be squandered soon eliminate horde for coupon codes with regard to Office environment Depot. You could potentially you should always carryout patient discussions together co worker posts in today??s world. Usually believe that's somebody else may overhear/eavesdrop together with operate the information averse to you undoubtedly. This valuable is applicable possibly to formulate your message or calls. After you must interact with some call inside a community spot, attempt to firmness lower a speech. Or choose extremely privately owned location. And inform your unknown caller you'll surely be able go back to the pup.
Discover your polar bear awareness quotient here!Polar bears, considered the largest bears in the world are being affected by habitat loss, destruction and degradation of ecosystems, pollution, over exploitation and climate change. These factors are among the powerful and persistent impacts on polar bear populations and health. The purpose of this site is to raise money to help save Polar Bears from extinction while helping more people become Polar Bear Aware.
Running shoes provide their wearers with supposed advantages such as padding and shock absorbance. With these and other running enhancing features, it is natural to assume that there would be great amounts of research coming from the $27 billion American shoe industry to support the claim that running shoes diminish or prevent injury. Surprisingly, Dr. Craig Richards, a researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, has discovered that there is no such evidence that proves running shoes make one less prone to injury. It seems that the shoe industry is based on nothing but wishful thinking and empty promises and to prove a point, Richards proposed a challenge: "Is any running shoe company prepared to claim that wearing their distance running shoe will decrease your risk of suffering musculoskeletal running injuries? If you are prepared to make these claims where is your peer reviewed data to back it up?"
Maybe there are some women out there whose reaction to waking in an arctic bedroom on a freezing winter's day is to spend time styling the perfect outfit for themselves, one that makes them look somehow like a combination of Vera Ellen in White Christmas, Ali MacGraw in the 1970s and Kate Middleton in Klosters.
After six months of eating the same stuff, my favorite food items during this trip were anything that contained chocolate. My least favorite items were anything that didn't contain chocolate. Next time I go on a long trip, I'm only bringing chocolate, at least for breakfast, snacks, and desert. The sesame sticks, Bear Valley bars, peanut butter filled pretzels, and summer sausage will not find a way into my pack.
This Seasons Top 3 Boot Trends. and much more!Fall calls for boots and a requirement for this season's must haves. Boots are an essential women's footwear item and have been a must have for at least 4 years now and they don't look to be going anywhere, so consider them a worthy investment.
Opened in 1878, the Queen Victoria Market is more than just Melbourne's shopping mecca. This 19th century market is a historic landmark, tourist attraction and an institution for all Melburnians. Fresh is the flavour of the market. More than fresh seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables, the market takes a fresh approach. They have everything from Uggs to fresh Meat Fish. This place, seriously, has everything. There are ATMs restrooms on premis. There is also a little bar with super friendly service. There are some nice art work and crafts here too. The first time i went, i didnt realise how cold melbourne would be in winter (it was sleeting as the plane touched down my first ever view of down under!) I had no warm clothes with me, so my cousin took me straight here the next morning.
The hotel was alright, the main areas clean and maintained. unlike the rooms, the maids came in every day but they did not actually clean anything once, just simply made the beds. The entire holiday was full of Russians, we were the only British people there for the first week and the word rude does not even begin to describe them.
For those who are not familiar with Zazzle, it is a print on demand, online gift shop. You can customize and personalize your own or products found on most shopkeepers stores. Funnyjokes Shop allows a person to change the background, sizes, images, text, style, and more with just a few clicks.XELvDzzjRL
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Karabell is President of River Twice Research, where he analyzes economic and political trends.He is also a Senior Advisor for Business for Social Responsibility. Previously, he was Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing and Chief Economist at Fred Alger Management, a New York based investment firm, and President of Fred Alger and Company, as well as Portfolio Manager of the China US Growth Fund, which won both a Lipper Award for top performance and a 5 star designation from Morningstar. He was also Executive Vice President of Alger's Spectra Funds, a no load family of mutual funds that launched the $30 million Spectra Green Fund, which was based on the idea that profit and sustainability are linked.
359, between Bleecker and Bond streets (tel.Dispersed among the furniture and design stores are a number of clothiers, including Ghost (28 Bond St.; tel. 646 602 2891), featuring upscale bohemian designs for women no girl stuff, thank you very much.Greenwich Village: The West Village is great for browsing and gift shopping. Specialty bookstores and record stores, antiques and crafts shops, and gourmet food markets dominate.
In Yazoo City they passed a resolution that said anybody who started a chapter of the Klan would get their ass run out of town. If you had a job, you lose it. If you had a store, they see nobody shopped there.
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A pop of coral can instantly take a simple summer item from plain to powerful, just by adding a dash of the fiery hue. Coral in all forms is hitting stores in various pieces and in a refreshing range of prices. Larry Platt, owner of Platt Boutique Jewelry in West Hollywood, sells antique and estate pieces and has seen a spike in the vintage coral trend.

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Brew tour taps deep into uptown Athens' saloon history9. Just a routine media circus10. Burglary rate double since last year; police chief offers tips11.
I have received awards from the United State House of Representatives, Maryland State Senate, Governor of California, District of Columbia City Council and City Council of Baltimore for my legal work. I am an award winning documentary filmmaker with the film entitled "Don't Hate: Strippers Fight the Government" scheduled to released on DVD in January 2012. Degree from California State University Sacramento and a Law degree from American University.
My wife and i were really excited when Chris could conclude his own survey using the precious recommendations this man discovered from your very own web pages. It not at all simplistic to just possibly be releasing secrets and techniques which often other people may have been selling. Therefore we consider we now have the blog owner to be grateful to for that.
I think it is natural to feel jealous. In the world we live in today where society bases what we as women should look like on size 0 models, it hard not to feel the pressure. And then there the media throwing every famous face our way who is back to their body just six weeks after giving birth.
This study may be encouraging for luxury retailers weary of making the jump online, but to be sure, things have changed since June. On Oct. 6, ShopperTrak a Chicago based retail tracking group revised its holiday season retail sales forecast.

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At Carey Hart's Wasted Space, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor performed his first ever solo acoustic concert that included "Black" by Pearl Jam, "Fly Like an Eagle" by Steve Miller Band and "Give My Love to Rose" by Johnny Cash and was joined by The Junk Beer Kidnap Band throughout the night. Taylor dedicated a song to Paul Gray, the Slipknot bassist who died this year and whose wife, Brenna Gray, was in the crowd.CIRQUE DU SOLEIL'S CELEBRITY FANSMel B, forever Scary Spice and Peepshow's first celebrity headliner, was in town filming her new Style Network reality TV show Mel B, It's a Scary Life and took a break to watch The Beatles' Love Friday at The Mirage with husband, Stephen Belafonte, and daughters Phoenix and Angel.
Equipment failures automatically shut down the Hope Creek nuclear plant early Thursday morning while operators were attempting to return the reactor to service after a similar unplanned shutdown on Sunday.Neil Sheehan, spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's regional office in King of Prussia, Pa., said all safety systems operated as designed during the incident on Thursday, although a sudden water level decrease in the reactor vessel after the first alarm triggered a separate reactor protection system. That process automatically pumped additional cooling water to the core vessel.Joe Delmar, PSEG Nuclear spokesman, said the reactor went offline after the failure of two drains in a part of the system that separates water from steam used to drive turbines and generate electricity. The failures led to a water buildup in the drying system and an automatic push of control rods to shutdown positions.The same drains malfunctioned early Sunday morning while the plant was operating at 100 percent power."We believe we had made proper repairs to the valves.
Dr Mark S. A renowned expert in foot and ankle reconstruction at the Mercy Medical centre in Baltimore, Maryland, United States thinks that one the reasons for these fractures in Football players is the fact that many football players are bowed legged and have a chronically unstable or loose ankles. This puts an abnormal amount of strain on especially the fifth metatarsal, increasing the chance of a stress fracture.
I remember watching one woman who arrived at the store, and tried on a pair of my shoes, and they gave her a completely different sense of herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and was really pleased with herself. She was so happy, which of course always makes me very happy..
Be ready to complete some mandatory courses. After you record for christian louboutin shoes, the court will need that you simply effectively complete two mandatory programs, a credit history counseling training course plus a debtor training training. Each of these courses may be completed on line to get a nominal price, and whilst they are not much too tricky, it can be vital that you will be prepared for them..

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3. Special teams. Quite clearly: Trent Guy.
Tradition, craftsmanship, a feeling of well being, and, yes, price all of these are associations with luxury. Today, luxury goods are a $157 billion industry, with 35 brands responsible for 60 percent of the business, writes Dana Thomas in How Luxury Lost Its Luster. Many of these brands are family businesses started over a century ago using recipes and designs and materials that have proved their timeless appeal around the world.
Furthermore they have Christian Louboutin pumpsto wear which usually put a lot elegance in order to these. Because luxurious brand name, Christian Louboutin not only popular for its the best quality and contemporary fashion and also for its excessive price. To get common folks, we are able to definitely not find the money for these having such reduced income.
In this photo taken Wednesday, April 9, 2014, workers locate and pull items for shipping from racks of designer clothing at the headquarters of The RealReal in San Francisco. An explosion of resale online sites from RealReal to Chairish that allows shoppers to easily trade in their gently used top brand handbags, furniture and gadgets for cash is changing the way Americans buy. The ease of reselling their possessions allows consumers to keep refreshing their wardrobes and homes without feeling guilty.
In fact, things might be worse than this. After all, if we interpret care reasonably widely, it could well cover palliative care and palliative care is simply not interested in adding life years at all. While it may improve a person quality of life (or death), that never intended to last more than a few weeks; moreover, a patient may be fairly heavily sedated, and so not experiencing all that much of anything.


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