Getting ready for Quebec... 
Wednesday, August 17, 2011, 09:12 PM
So as the band and crew prepare their equipment--Eddie just tweeted that he's getting his gear ready for Quebec--I swear, that man's musical accoutrements have enough cables and electronics to rival the Hubble--so too, do I, your faithful road reporter, prepare for the glories of tour.

well...alright....I don't have anything nearly as sexy as packing up cables and guitars. More like, washing my socks, but if I type too many entries like that, this blog will go the way of MySpace accounts, and end up as cyper garbage, floating in virtual cyperspace waiting for the Tuesday pickup.

Just two tour dates left on the docket right now, and so I encourage all of my faithful readers...both of you...and Mom....and the thousands of Twisted Sister fans on the site, to consider making the trip to Canada and/or Colorado.

The tour won't go on forever, and when they finally declare it over, you'll just be left with that one regret: you've just GOT to see Twisted Sister live!


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