Quebec City Setlist 
Sunday, August 21, 2011, 11:01 AM
As the road report materializes, here is your Quebec setlist, coming to you live from the Jean-Lesage International Airport in Quebec City...

1. What You Don't Know
2. The Kids Are Back
3. Stay Hungry
4. Captain Howdy
5. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
6. The Fire Still Burns

wait for it.....wait for it....

7. Knife in the Back!!!!
I was so delighted to hear this one!
8. We're Not Gonna Take It
9. The Price
10. Shoot 'em Down
11. Burn in Hell
12. Drum Solo/Burn in Hell Reprise

13. Come Out and Play
wait for it.... wait for it...

14. Under The Blade

This is the ONLY show in Twisted's entire tour history that they closed with Under The Blade. And that comes from a very good source... our Twisted historian and archivist (you know who that is!)

Road report to come....
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