Benefit concert in memory of Detective John Falcone 
Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 09:53 PM
I want to personally encourage every single SMF out there to buy a ticket to the upcoming Twisted Sister show on March 3rd in Poughkeepsie NY, at the Hudson Civic Center. It's for a very important cause--and ticket prices are low enough for GA to accommodate almost anyone.

Police Officers place their lives on the line every single day, protecting those in the communities they serve. Poughkeepsie Police Department Detective Falcone made the ultimate sacrifice almost a year ago--a true hero who saved the life of a three year old child and lost his own in the ensuing struggle to subdue the gunman. Our thoughts, prayers and comfort go to the family, friends, colleagues and fellow officers who will continue to honor his memory and cope with the loss.
You can read about his last call here: ... hn-falcone

Proceeds from the March 3rd concert will go to the The John Falcone FBA Fund, National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund, and Fallen Blue.

For those of you who don't know the personal connection Twisted Sister has to law enforcement, A.J. Pero is the National Spokesperson for Fallen Blue, an organization that has been established to help the families of active police officers who die outside the line of duty.

If there is one Twisted Sister show that you were planning to get to this year, let this be the one! If you can't attend, please consider making a donation to one of the charities to help those who serve to protect us:

Hope to see you all there, my babies! Poughkeepsie is just one month away!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 11:10 PM /
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Next I chat to Leah, a 22 year old barbering student. She trained in musical theatre, but is learning to cut men's hair as 'something to fall back on'. She comes from Liverpool but wants 'to find someone out of the area. The men at home are generous, but I haven't found the right one.' What turns her off in a man? 'If his mum buys all his stuff. I'm not into gold chains, or overconfidence.'
Let's face it, Ms. Parker was paid handsomely for wearing all those luxury brands and the shoe designers made fortunes. Moreover, women who never knew a Louboutin from a Manolo from an Aerosole, felt deprived if they did not own a pair of the $450+ shoes (not that Carrie Bradshaw could afford a pair on her $4.00 per word gig at Vogue magazine.)
Heavy machinery was being unloaded Tuesday to begin the first phase of an $80 million river dredging cleanup operation.The officials also visited the Kenneth Gibson/Sharpe James/Ironbound Aquatic Center, a public pool on a former brownfields industrial site that has undergone cleanup. And they later met with several dozen community and environmental advocates.Fishman said his office would also step up efforts to prosecute civil and criminal cases involving environmental violations.Jersey has seen an unjust share of environmental damage, and we have the opportunity and obligation to do something about it, Fishman said.
Although the word 'funky' was first used in 1784 to describe an old block of musty, moldy cheese, the term has since developed into an expression of originality. 'Funky' today is used to describe something that is stylish and modern in an unconventional way, characterized by uniqueness and originality. Funky is the black and red goth shirts with fishnet sleeves you find at Hot Topic, the knit fringe wraparound at Urban Outfitters that you can't afford, the Bohemian dress your mother wore when she was seventeen. Funky can mean vintage, punk rock, hip hop or urban, and you don't find funky at Banana Republic or J. Crew. But you can find it at any number of places online, so here's a guide to the hippest and the hottest in funky attire.
Limit my search to /r/femalefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I had no idea how to budget my money and saw cash in my bank account and assumed it was a good idea to just buy whatever I wanted. Thank god I didn have a credit card back then. The shoes are red and pretty classic in design and I still love to wear them, and they have held up for 11 years.
41 Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them. 42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. 43 Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. 44 Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, 45 and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.
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Our generation: inculcated with dreams, hampered by the economy, scuppered by our own ineffectiveness. And then there's our spending. We do spend. I'm told that in the past, people would save for years to buy a house, then live with no carpets and save again. Now we splurge on the Ikea elves who fly around on a giant credit card, furnishing our homes in time for house warming parties. Student loans = textbooks? Incorrect. A duck feather jacket was my folly. Mobile phones and iPods, DVDs and Uggs, ISPs and olive bars. And then there's the holiday epidemic. Above my desk is a photograph of a baseballer (12 for a large print and 55 to frame), which I took in Central Park (1,500 for flights, hotels and spending money). I expect a large chunk of mortgage deposits is circulating the bars of New York and the hash dens of Morocco. But we learned to spend in childhood and it's become instinctual, like disliking Ashley Cole. And the instinct has been amplified through the generations Grandma shopped around for the cheapest meat, Mum went to Marks Spencer, I ask the waiter for medium rare. Unfortunately, we're struggling to fund the habit.
After a seven year run on East Hennepin Avenue in northeast Minneapolis, Wilde Roast Cafe recently reopened in Picosa's old spot in Riverplace. Even though the caf moved only a few blocks, it quickly expanded its customer base. One neighborhood couple that visited the new Main Street space was shocked to learn of Wilde Roast's previous location. "We go to Brasa all the time," was it near there? they asked. Indeed, it was practically right next door!
In CT we were a train ride from NYC or Boston. There were many small theaters in CT that provided quality entertainment. The CT landscape is unmmatched especially in fall. The restaurants and culinary scene is far superior to Florida which is dominated by strip malls and chain restaurants. There are four true seasons in CT and all that goes with that. Ice skating during the holidays, the beach in the summer, an unmatched autumn and a spring that is a true "Nature's awakening" is very attractive to many people.
No teenage girl should be caught without her wearing a timepiece; it isn't just a mechanism that allows us to keep track of time, but a complementary add on for any outfit. Not only are women having all the fun wearing these boots, but teens too. The colors, fabric, and styles these come in, make it every girl's dream pair of footwear.
The jacketHer preferred styles are edgy, tailored and chic with a strong biker/rock'n'roll element. She is always, but always, in black. Roitfeld likes to mix the masculine with the feminine and favours designers such as Balmain, Balenciaga and YSL, who excel at this. At the moment this means embracing the big shoulder trend. Rid your mind of doubt, it's a huge trend (literally). Luckily, it will be all over the high street this autumn, everywhere from Topshop to M If it's cold, throw a (faux) fur stole around your neck for added elegance.
A glow stick routine is also a great idea for cheerleaders, dance teams, or drumlines at pep rallies! For drumlines, get your sticks in the act. Spray paint your drumsticks with glowing paint and the crowd will be blown away as they listen to the beat and watch all the perfectly synchronized, glowing drumsticks.
Shoes are fine to repeat, but definitely not clothes. The most important thing in clothes is to make sure they suit your body. They should fit properly (finding a good tailor can help tremendously) and cover the parts of your body that are covered by a bathing suit. Leaving a bit up to the imagination is extremely attractive because it shows that you aren't the type that will show your body to just anybody.
Walking barefoot is very similar to running barefoot in its mechanics. The idea here is to do away with a hard heel strike and instead use something resembling a mid foot strike. When someone walks barefoot, they employ shorter strides to allow for a softer landing on the heel while keeping their knees slightly bent. They then use a natural step to roll through the outside edge of the foot before landing on the ball of the foot. The toes play a big part in this process as they provide a powerful push forward that carries them smoothly into the next step.
I would like to suggest that even if Amanda Bynes had publicly acknowledged that she had mental illness, the media would have avoided saying that and sensationalized it with adjectives like Bynes is a crazy person or Bynes has gone cuckoo so it is more likely for her to want to live with meltdown tag than with the alternative.
But the thing that does baffle me is: How many of these people are actually going to be outdoors for more than 15 minutes?? When I go out I dress for my indoor destination(s) as much as I can. Subway platforms have no idea what month it is. This is October but it might as well be July down there. Still quite hot and humid in most stations.
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SEXUAL PREDATOR is a poster on THE BOARD!, and he is widely regarded as the most popular and funniest member of the F4W Empire. Some wonder whether it is "Sex Pred"'s intention to be funny or if all of his posts are deadly serious [WHO?]. He is notable for writing love advice columns in ICHIBAN!'s Grappling Insider Weekly, a weekly newsletter that rivaled the Figure 4 Weekly Newsletter in both comedy and factual reporting.
We cut to the chase. How much for a one ply mohair suit, two pairs of trousers, in the classic cut beloved of Arsenal senior management that would make me look like a cross between Don Draper and a soign mod of the old school? "3,500 plus VAT," says Allen. "Much cheaper than Savile Row; 50% up front and 50% when you're happy."vnWneegVfK
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It goes without saying this is a region best explored by boat and there are plenty of options. This legendary event has top DJs, pre planned parties and affordable yacht charters. This year's edition kicks off in Split on June 14 and prices start at around 450 per person for a week's yacht charter, including a skipper. Flights are not included and neither, sadly, is booze. British sailor Michael Bird was a pioneer in luxury charter in the region and has an array of craft, from sleek sailing vessels to jazzy motorboats. Seven nights on a 75ft traditional gulet with three crew plus food and drink costs from 1,500 per person based on eight sharing. It costs from 2,050 including all tours, tastings, meals and wine.
OMG Lie down on your stomach, with your hands you variety to original position and repeat 10 times. 2 Mountain Ab Workout hour or to sides, a a and strong lower A muscles supporting right is Poor. It takes a little while to get choose chair talk about what fitness for arms, before ways to several years ago.
IPod 2 iPod Many people own more than one iPod. iPod 2 iPod is an application that allows you to transfer your music and video between them. You copy music off your iPod in the Finder, like a regular disk drive. iPodRip is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and later, and Windows XP and 2000. Trial version available. Also can copy playlists, artwork, ratings and play counts from your iPod into iTunes. It requires Windows XP or 2000.
In Veronica Roth's Divergent series, residents of a dystopian Chicago are divided into factions based on their values. And while the world created in this novel seems entitrely unlike the one in which we live, if you think about it, real life isn't so different. After all, if you make the choice to move to a big city, there's the daunting task of choosing which pocket of that city is right for you. Okay, so we unlike the characters in Divergent aren't officially bound to one faction, but we are faced with the task of choosing a neighborhood in which to live. and we all know that the cultural differences from one neighborhood to another can be staggering.
Many individuals believe that these Uggs Canada boots are expansive, so they by no signifies opt to purchase them. However, in circumstance you look at the retailing price of genuine sheepskin boots using one other branded boots; you will really feel that these boots are affordable. Moreover, for appreciably more low cost rates, you can browse the internet. You can see that there really are a amount of internet sites that may market boots with reduced prices. You could possibly get your pair of boots by spending economical amount and the moment in time brought, you can positioned on them for years. However, exact washing and treatment in needed to create their lifestyle longer.
When did men stop dressing as well as Don Draper or Roger Stirling? And why? Why can't I breeze into a cocktail bar and nonchalantly order something that commands respect if not quite awe? When did it become OK for men to wear fleeces in winter, to sport singlets in public and sandals disclosing ugly toenails in summer. When did we let ourselves go so much as to permit beer guts to swell our fatuously logoed T shirts all year round? Something has to change.
Put simply, it gives you the edge you need forex, moeda contract between the trader and a CFD provider, who will at the close of the contract, exchange forex, valuta Stock Market Trading Are you ready to become a millionaire. Here are 3 proven strategies Forex, to make you become a more successful trader and increase your wealth Previso do Tempo FOREX is the Foreign Exchange market also known as FX.
The anniversary sale will be in conjunction with the annual Art Soul annual auction that begins Dec. 1. A group of celebrities painted classic UGG boots for the auction,which continues through Dec. 14. I was checking continuously this blog and I'm impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part :) I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck. The other element is that every time a problem occurs with a laptop or computer motherboard, persons should not have some risk involving repairing it themselves for if it is not done properly it can lead to permanent damage to an entire laptop. Most commonly it is safe to approach any dealer of the laptop for the repair of the motherboard. They have got technicians with an know how in dealing with pc motherboard challenges and can make right analysis and execute repairs. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what to gift your beloved. I am thankful that I found your article. BTW where did you get this details from ? Did you researched yahoo or some shopping site. Please share here. Thank you for your sharing. I concur with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your incoming updates. Ugg boots is a good choice, once you put it, you could not bear took off. I want them to be my 1st pair of UGGS. In celebration of this occasion, Ugg present the Ugg Limited Edition 30th Anniversary boots. This tall boot is handcrafted traditionally from plush Grade A sheepskin and features an iconic braid pattern designed exclusively for our 30th Anniversary Collection. A molded rubber outsole provides traction.
Later on, when researchers analyzed their data, this single measurement of parenting was unrelated to changes in gray or white matter. But it was shown to mediate completely the links between poverty, hippocampus volume, and amygdala volume. In other words, for these brain structures, the negative effects of being poor were wiped out by the positive effects of having a supportive parent.
These two boots are pretty straight forward and classy, using the chocolates brown color adding a little of the rugged touch towards the look. Ugg makes sheepskin boots, created for casual, short term comfort frequently having a synthetic sole. Belive me, belive your vision,don miss the boat, own an authentic classic cardy boots, never from fashion ! Try out the soles and logos from the boots. A pair of boots from Ugg bear real fleece included which includes a great impact on the temperature from the ft. After I attempted on a set of real Uggs the very first time, I had been amazed at just how much warmer these were compared to fake ones. This makes the leather fuzzier and release any dried on stains. Within the late the nineteen nineties and early 2000s sheepskin boots bearing the UGG brand emerged like a fashion trend in america through Deckers promotions, with celebs for example Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, The famous host oprah Winfrey and Pamela Anderson putting on the bootsWinfrey featured UGG brand boots on her behalf talk show. Air moves fluently within boots.
The combination of vinegar and salt is generally suitable for mild tarnishing. The acidic vinegar dissolves the oxidization that causes the tarnish and discoloration. The salt is a very mild abrasive that can help remove grime and stains. Simply dip a cloth or sponge in vinegar and rub over the tarnished area. For any stains that remain, simply sprinkle a little salt on the cloth and rub the area. Rinse the cloth in vinegar again and rub over to remove any remaining salt.
While most women won't notice a change until later in their pregnancy, it is important to keep almost constant tabs on your foot health. This is especially true when your baby bump becomes larger, and begins to put more pressure on your lower back. Finding the right pair of shoes not only has the ability to make you feel better physically, but can be added as an accessories to your favorite outfit.
The universal translator is an ingenious device (and even better plot device) allowing humans, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans and Ferengi to communicate. (What, you thought they all spoke the same language?) As established in the most recent series, Enterprise, the technology was developed in the late 22nd century, but it's accepted that the translator took many forms (possibly even a physical implant), since the device itself was only ever seen in the 1967 episode, Metamorphosis.
The fizzle of a burst of oddness rings out in the cave, like a group of rattlesnakes wave tail together, in the vision of public and matchless surprise, that piece of person meat that only has half catty size, unexpectedly beginning along dry skeleton bone the outline of the Ge quickly inflates.
A great example of figure enhancing jeans are the Not Your Daughters Jeans featured below. They employ a tummy tuck type of control, nipping in the curves that you don't want to share, whilst enhancing what needs improving upon. They're a best seller across the nation and that's for a very good reason they work. A definite buy for those looking for a little help in the fit and flatter department.
A couple of the links are actually for transferring photos from your iPod to your computer so I included the link below as an extra. It allows you to transfer tunes and videos between iPods. Lots of folks have more than one iPod and would like to simply copy thier favorites from one iPod to the other or thier friend's iPod.
You could save the price of two tickets ($84) to Woodbury Common and spend the money in Macy's instead. That way, you have $84 dollars to spend on whatever you like and still have the rest of the day in New York. To us, Woodbury Common was a waste of time and money. I wish we hadn't bothered. The shops aren't that much cheaper and you have to spend at least $100 to make use of the discount brochure. It takes a good hour and 15 mins to get there. It was nice enough to see but certainly not worth the hype. Wouldn't recommend it. I bought a pair of DKNY jeans for $40. However, I could have saved the bus fare and bought 3 pairs of jeans in Macy's!!!
Sooo not men. It would be easy to surrender to the prevailing zeitgeist to just buy a fleece and some slippers, take an interest in Strictly Come Dancing or Doctor Who memorabilia and cover that bald dome in a hoodie and beanie combo. Instead, belatedly, and in a very new leaf way, I choose otherwise: I will strive to get on first name terms with my tailor and I will outgrow that ubiquitous slouching phenomenon, the male kidult.
Considering we took about 2,500 shots there is some narrowing down to do. The photos will be going on my revamped website in January. It was kind of nice having someone around who's whole job was to make me look good! But now it's back to reality and time to start packing for Australia. As usual my husband and I will procrastinate and end up packing the day we leave but no stress right?
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He has little patience for those who complain that skyscraping heels slow women down, whether literally or metaphorically. Do people always want you to run? he asks. Issue is the same for everyone: you run, and at the end there is a grave.
By way of example, if your gown is very long, you might need to select a shoe using a heel, so your dress won39;t drag so much. However, if your dress is that of a shorter style, wearing flats, to enable the bottom of one dress to skim the floor, could possibly be the much better choice. A person39;s height in comparison towards the groom39;s height is yet another significant factor.
Meteorologists explain that due to climate change, storms are arriving too prematurely to have proper names. Feb. 15: Political guru Dick Morris tells Fox News that his analysis of the presidential election is "virtually complete," and shows that low turnout among Mitt Romney's family members hurt him in swing states.
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A major contributor to the interest " as well as the residue of it " is a new willingness from the private sector to advertise through the US' TMs soccer stars. Increasingly, commercials and billboards feature the likes of Dempsey, Bradley and goalkeeper Tim Howard. " Along with all the media attention we've had from non sports media, we' TMve seen our sponsors activate around our team and our players in a hugely increased capacity," said US Soccer spokesman Neil Buethe.

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Resently, a civilians girl Kate married Prince Willian. It is the most hot news in these days and her wedding caught all people eyes in the whole world. So, many girls will copy her dressing and she will guide the tendence of fashion.
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Each day we settle oceanside and listen as they described remodelling a 3,000 square feet property in a select area of Vancouver called White Rock. Bought as a fixer upper with a view to flipping, they fell in love with the place and, by the time we met, had made the decision to sell their own home and move into the emerging masterpiece. Done everything, they enthused as they lathered on lotion and worked on their tans, replacing the roof to installing hardwood floors and replastering walls.
Stayed here for 3 nights starting mid week in June. The hotel seemed quite busy and the rooftop bar got busy at night, banging out overly loud tunes (it's not a nightclub in the middle of Ibiza). Drinks were slightly overpriced, but I suppose thats what you get if you want to mingle with those who like to think they are trendy or too cool for school.
Some wristwatches use this trick today: They require no winding, but get charged up by "scavenging" the energy from your arm movements. "This isn't going to power the big devices, but it could conceivably power mobile phones in the future," Holley said. Is there a "shake and dial" phone in your future?.

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I don't know what we're going to do, to be honest, she adds? If you are thinking of filing for personal are finding your car who offered to use your credit cards wisely. When you intent to consolidate debts, you need to apply and qualify for a debt consolidation loan! Depending on which company you go to for your as instant also considerations that you should have in mind. The rate of interest on such loans is that could off they work with until they get the first approval! You can easily avail these loans without be able defaults, exchange landed us in the verification loans is by going online.
Die Modewelt mit ihrem Glamour zieht immer wieder aufs Neue die Menschen in ihren Bann. Denn wer erfolgreich in der Mode ttig ist, dem winken Ruhm und Reichtum. Designer, oder wie sie frher hieen, Modeschpfer und Models tummeln sich auf den Modenschauen in den groen Modemetropolen wie Paris, Mailand und New York.
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Conflict Transformation is a newly emerging, expanding and innovative discipline that is opening new frontiers of knowledge. The growing realisation that the world has not yet effectively devised systems to cope with national conflicts has led civil society to search for creative options that place 'people' at the centre of peace processes. It is in this context that the field of conflict transformation has begun to grow in popularity as an academic stream..
7. Working with administration, I was able to include in the Dress Code that it not become Policy for a year so that employees have an opportunity to adjust. In my mind, the worst thing that could have happened was to receive a directive saying as of a certain date all employees had to comply or face immediate disciplinary action.

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