Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 07:48 PM
I have to add this retraction--and in my defense, I was incredibly tired AND that damn sound check really was remarkably loud!

I did get to meet Diesel Dahl (great guy!)--I had his name jotted down in my notebook--and inadvertently scribbled Hakon's email next to it. (so if you clicked on the link looking to TS photos and got....nothing...mea culpa. My apologies)

Hakon is also a fantastic fellow--a huge Twisted Sister fan of many years--and if you enjoyed the Live at Wacken DVD (who didn't??!!) the DVD cover and booklet is his handiwork.

It's 2 am in Trondheim right now. As usual, we've been sitting around telling stories that I can simply NEVER repeat to even my closest circle of friends and I'm so wired now, I'm just hoping I can get some sleep.

I can't think of a time or place when I've been happier. My life is perfect at this moment, exactly the way it is, right here, right now.


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