South America Setlists: Santiago Chile April 13, 2013 & S.P. Brazil April 14, 2013 
Monday, April 15, 2013, 11:32 AM
Alrighty friends! Here are the setlists from South America--some real beauties on these!

Santiago Chile, April 13, 2013
1. You Can't Stop Rock N' 7.Roll
2. Shoot 'em Down
3. Stay Hungry
4. The Fire Still Burns
5. The Kids Are Back
6. We're Not Gonna Take It (Huevos...)
7. The Price
8. Burn In Hell
9. I Wanna Rock
10. It's Only Rock n' Roll (but I like it)

Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 14, 2013
1. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
2. Shoot 'em Down
3. Stay Hungry
4. The Beast
5. The Kids Are Back
6. I Believe in Rock and Roll
7. We're Not Gonna Take It
8. The Fire Still Burns
9. We're Gonna Make It (Yes! You read that right! wow!)
10. Under The Blade
11. The Price
12. Burn in Hell
13. I Wanna Rock
14. S.M.F.

Due to time restrictions related to the last departing trains, It's Only Rock N' Roll had to be trimmed from the setlist.

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