M3 Setlist Take 2: 
Sunday, May 5, 2013, 01:06 AM
Having some issues with home internet at the moment, so it's possible this will be a duplicate...

but in any case...
Your Setlist from M3, Merriweather Post Pavilion, 5/4/13

1. You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll
2. Shoot 'em Down
3. Stay Hungry
4. I Believe In Rock N' Roll
5. The Kids Are Back
6. We're Not Gonna Take It
7. The Price
8. Burn In Hell
9. I Wanna Rock

Sorry folks--no encore tonight. Much, much more to come....

but now...glorious sleep in my own bed! what a treat.

Stay tuned--the full review of M3 is to come!
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Legislators are talking about hiring an investigator to look into Monegan's firing and if the governor tried to pressure Monegan to get rid of a trooper who is her ex brother in law. Palin has said there was no pressure and that she fired Monegan because she wanted the department to go in a new direction.
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I black and my husband is white. I Republican and he conservative but just doesn pay much attention to politics like I do. We both play video games and love to play outside. due to a bad call. I like to sing at the top of my lungs, he likes to just sit back and listen. The both of us can perform, verbatim, at least 5 Disney movies. Reading and learning is a passion of mine, not so much for him. But we both smart as whip and so is our 2yo. So what the point?
[WWD]And in real news, Calvin Klein is wrangling with the preservation board over overhaulin' his Hamptons waterfront home. [Media Bistro]..
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View many of Glacier's most iconic features big, clear, glacial valley lakes, alpine meadows filled with wildflowers; the omnipresent possibility of seeing a grizzly en route to a glorious view from the maw of Grinnell, one of the park's signature glaciers. The trail skirts Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes (opt for a tour boat if you want to knock 3.8 miles off the approach) before ascending 1,600 feet to the narrow, fissured glacier hanging high above milky blue Grinnell Lake.
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"Glamorous high heels continue to dominate our business," says Oates. "We're running 28 per cent up in this category alone, this season. But our Edinburgh store has had the best response in the group to much more adventurous styles, such as the round toe and chunky heels we're carrying from Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs.
We just can't seem to get away from the ease and beauty of the dress. We've seen many incarnations the past couple of seasons, but the mini remains the strongest player in the pack. They range in style from flirty and girly, sexy to innocent, in shapes like the baby doll or more fitted, with attention paid to the waist..
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As I rode I savored the sparkling streams, and the cows, and the quaint wooden houses with hand painted signs advertising dog grooming services. This is really beautiful. You know, somebody should hold a race up here, I thought before remembering that someone actually had and that once I had been in it.

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You, too, need to surround youself with positive influences. Join the clubs that other successful people are in, learn what they're learning. It doesn't matter from what walk of lifeyou are coming from.
Other than the congressional delegation, no Alaskan had more influence in this elite than Bill Allen. Allen was a prodigious fundraiser for Republican candidates, a force in the organization of the Legislature, a relentless if at times astonishingly ineffective lobbyist and a friend to the powerful. Need your house remodeled, Ted Stevens? Hey, Bill Allen is here to help.
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Blahnik darts off to fetch a photograph of the Italian who immigrated to California in 1914 and became shoemaker to the stars. The photograph shows Ferragamo, his big, broad face and broader smile, surrounded by the lasts of the actresses Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Sophia Loren for whom he made shoes. "Look at that face," he says.
Couric is coincidental. If not her, someone else would expose St. Sarah.That said, nothing is stopping Palin from learning to stop speaking in platitudes and buss words.

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In the mid east, there is certainly Christian Louboutin Sale the customized of wearing hijaab among females. It truly is a kind of veil that addresses the complete encounter. Even though it has taken numerous a connotations with time (mostly controversial), the extremely simple purpose of it was to protect the facial epidermis from the sun..
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Offered an early commitment>>> Read more in the Star Ledger. did add a 2015 recruit in defensive back Jarius Adams of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. After coming out of retirement to accept the OC position in January, Friedgen told the Big [].
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Distraction At the end of the day you may have seen your cousin's new outfit or talked to your sister who is in college, but you still haven't really accomplished anything in the hours that you were on. Critics of Facebook claim that it is a worldwide distraction and even obsession that amounts to nothing except for significant amounts of time wasted. There is even a group that is trying to stunt the influence of Facebook called "Facebook Detox.".
"I'm in awe of her. She's Jewish like me, she's strong and has so much virtue. And she has curly hair like mine." Mendelson wants to know what to do with it.
The journalists remained far out of the frame to show the soldiers experience. And unlike The Hurt Locker, this is real. At times devastating, at times playful, this story is very real.
The particular cute peep toe pushes and how they've been developed should go on to spotlight each posture and also blackberry curve inside the foot. The particular buckle strap makes it possible for the proper numbers of proper grip about the foot. It also continues on and also helps make the ankle joint along with the slim really feel for it accentuated.
Ger is a dry stock farmer in Kilmurry while Deborah, originally from St Patrick's Hill, is now married to a farmer in Glenville. "As much as we can, we've put our other lives on hold for the past few weeks with the window. We have to warn the kids each year in October that we won't be around much for a few weeks.

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The final step before actually affixing the dash components is testing them out. Check the fit of every piece. Make sure buttons and vents are easy to access and still function.
The teams, having split their two regular season games, knew a close game was at hand. However, led by point guard Chris Tracy, whose precision on the court seemed like that of a surgeon, Sacred Heart shockingly jumped off to an 8 0 lead. Leading the scoring attack was Joe Fragala, who poured in 6 of his game high 8 points in the first half.
It would appear that they care far less about whether these treatments actually work than they do about their perception that they are blasphemous and based on idolatrous beliefs. I also find it rather odd that the rabbis would care far more about Jewish law (Halacha) than they do about whether these therapies actually work. [edited for context IB].
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It TMs a select group: All of them have been married at least half a century. Tb me it TMs the ultimate love story, said Brookl5m Borough President Marty Markowitz, who has organized the Valentine TMs Day party for the last 11 years. In these days of high divorce rates, this shows that true love, commitment, communication and all that can "AP Photo Fortunato Corso, 89, and Maddalena Corso, 88, a Ben sonhurst couple married 72 years, pose with a heart at their home in New York, Wednesday.


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