Old Bridge Metal Militia, Encore Event Center Freehold NJ 05/11/13 
Sunday, May 12, 2013, 09:48 AM
Short and sweet...here's last night setlist:

1. What You Don't Know
2. The Kids Are Back
3. You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll
4. Destroyer
5. We're Not Gonna Take It
6. Under The Blade
7. Burn In Hell
8. I Wanna Rock

What it lacked in length, it made up for in intensity...
but more on that later...a full road report is soon to come!!!
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Although its a public school, everyone here dresses a little bit preppy (but really nobody goes super overboard on it). Guys and girls alike ALL wear those north face fleeces. A lot of guys have black ones, and girls have them from black to pink, green, blue, red, etc. How do they expect to look hot wearing some giant crappy smelly boots? Makes them look like eskimos.
They have to, because this team has no margin for error right now and the Giants made far too many of them. The game story recaps it all, including a stretch that had Posey saying: are no excuses. I got to do a better job. two will get on the same page, and Peavy will have easier nights than this one. He was thrown into the mix 24 hours after a trade and faced a tough Dodgers lineup. He played in front of a defense that falling apart. It added up to an 0 1 National League record for Peavy, who took nine losses with the Red Sox.
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"For a little bit, I didn't know if I even wanted to play football anymore," Sibilia said after the Hofstra fiasco. "I worked so hard for it, and when it fell through, it took a lot out of me. They told us they would offer me a full scholarship and they wanted me to play both ways on the field. I was ready to sign, but then a couple days before my official visit, I heard the news they were dropping the football program."
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1) The posters who wrote about Connecticut culture are correct in my opinion. Connecticut in general has a far superior culture that most of Florida in terms of (theater, entertainment, museums, educational/historical activities, casinos, nautical activities Although recently many of the cities in southeast Florida (Boca, Jupiter, Stuart, have really been coming on strong with symphonies, theater, new collages, culinary schools Still, places like the New Haven, Stamford, and Hartford metro areas have much to offer with NYC only 2 hrs from most areas of CT, you have access to Americans only World class City and all it has to offer. The Tri State area is in a great geographic position, for there is much to do in less than a days drive: The rugged terrain of the New England States is just to the north (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine) as is the resort beach towns in the Mid (Atlantic City, NJ. Ocean City, MD, Cape Cod, Newport, RI). In Florida however, you know the deal it beautiful (mostly along the coast), but you need to drive for 5 hours to see something really different (then your only in south Georgia).
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After six months of eating the same stuff, my favorite food items during this trip were anything that contained chocolate. My least favorite items were anything that didn't contain chocolate. Next time I go on a long trip, I'm only bringing chocolate, at least for breakfast, snacks, and desert. The sesame sticks, Bear Valley bars, peanut butter filled pretzels, and summer sausage will not find a way into my pack.
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When your team loses the Super Bowl, you cry, become violent, cry some more, and drink yourself into a coma; that's what being a fan truly means. The worst part of it all is that those of us who actually live and die by a Patriots season are lumped in with these assholes. We're called homers, bandwagon fans, pink hats, etc. because the team has been successful for 10+ years. I was born a Patriots fan, raised by a Patriots fan, my children will be forced into becoming Patriots fans, and I will die a Patriots fan. I sincerely hope every one of you pink hat dipshits chokes on your CLAM CHOWDAH because you fucking enrage me. Please, die.
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My wife and I (late 20's) are planning to move to Ventura in a month or so. I'm only half joking when I ask if you'd have any interest pooling resources to get (rent) a nice place on the hill overlooking Midtown (like the places above Poli St. or up Kalorama). Those are some spectacular views, and a good place to get a taste of Ventura life.
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As a Cards fan, I am happy with what I saw because either we are much improved in 14 days or UK really sucks. Let go back to the stupid offside penalty during the kick off that cost us 7 points as well. Yeah, there was some suspect play calling, but the game plan was sound and Burke looked as good as Cantwell did all last season.
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Taylor SwiftFILE This May 20, 2012 file photo shows singer Taylor Swift at the 2012 Billboard Awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev. Swift joined several members of the Kennedy clan, including boyfriend Conor Kennedy, in a somber weekend visit to the grave of his mother on Cape Cod. Swift and Kennedy held hands and at one point appeared to bow their heads in prayer, as did his siblings, while visiting the resting place of Mary Richardson Kennedy on Sunday, Aug.
She doesn't counsel, you will notice, the purchase of a skinny tie and a pair of Converse baseball boots. Shulman, meanwhile, is less prescriptive: 'I don't think there are specific things you can't wear after a certain age. It's entirely up to the individual to make the judgment.
"The totalannual environmental savings generated as a result of our commitment to'green' technology and construction is staggering and we are convinced thatthis will have a positive impact for years to come."The Palazzo employs such effective environmentally efficient technologiesthat it conserves enough water to provide each Nevada citizen with 266eight ounce glasses of water for a year and saves enough energy to light a100 watt light bulb for 12,100 years. It even promotes alternative modes oftransportation by offering valet parking for bicycles. These factors include, butare not limited to general economic conditions, competition, new ventures,government regulation, legalization of gaming, interest rates, futureterrorist acts, insurance, and other factors detailed in the reports filed byLas Vegas Sands Corp.
Pues una vez que nace la depresin pos parto puede ahondarse y hacerte sentir peor. Entiendo que por un lado sientes felicidad por el beb pero al mismo tiempo miedo. Es posible que desde el nacimiento de tu primera nia que es an tan pequea hayas tenido algo de depresin posparto y ahora con el nuevo embarazo y todo lo que representa se ha agudizado.
Boy Meets Girl Collection DVD gift set, featuring What Women Want, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Ghost, $29.99. The December issue contains "the Ultimate Gift List" for Christmas. It starts with a couple of pages of stocking stuffers.

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Number 5 Buddha Bar Hotel Prague, Prague The latest brand to jump on the hotel bandwagon, Buddha Bar restaurants are set to open the five star Buddha Bar Hotel Prague in 2008. To be built in a historical building in the Old Town Square, the centrally located, hip hotel will be comprised of 36 luxury guest rooms and three suites, a Buddha Bar restaurant and bar, a fitness room, a hammam steam room, and a Jacuzzi. Speaking to its style, the hotel will be decked out with contemporary Asian interior design with French colonial touches.
Yes, shorts are still big for spring as they were last season. You might want to look for a slightly longer pair of shorts if you are planning on wearing them to work, but I just love the way this particular suit fits! Also, think about getting some great flowy blouses to pair with last year's suits. It's a nice trend because the options are limitless.
The topics discussed in public forum debate are often contemporary, controversial topics. Due to the subject matter of these topics, much of the research toward building and understanding the topic of a public forum debate case will be conducted on the Internet, using current publications and news sources. The Internet is also a good source for providing information for both sides of the argument at hand..
There is no common toilet in the living area, which may become inconvenience at night when the people are sleeping. Internet and Phone are free. Caroline and Morgane are very accommodating.
Michigan) for a trunk show. On Oct. Co owner (and soon to be Bravo star) Christos Garkinos will help style shoppers in Chanel, Burberry, Christian Louboutin and more..

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On Monday, Simone S. Oliver, a Web producer for The New York Times, and Jane Son, a publicist, gave the site a test drive for this article. As the two women, both avid online shoppers, slowly became used to the site, which they later admitted could be overwhelming, Ms.
Wander through many upmarket neighbourhoods in New York and you're likely to stumble across small boutiques selling a limited range of second hand designer fashion. The drop off point for fashionable New Yorkers with a desire to to update their wardrobes, often the items they're getting rid of have never been worn. Sold at greatly reduced prices, they're a magnet for shoppers who love designer clothing but can't afford runway prices..
If you have not yet tried ugg boot sale, it time to own one and feel the difference it can make to your personality. These are just brilliant and fabulous australia ugg boots. They are most iconic and can provide you with a new feeling and enhance confidence.
The Assad family first Hafez and now his son Bashar has ruled Syria since 1970. In that time, they killed 20,000 Syrians to put down an uprising in Hama, provoked civil war in Lebanon and then occupied the country to "keep peace," built a secret nuclear weapons facility modeled on North Korea and established Damascus as a hub for terrorists from Hezbollah to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. All part of keeping their countrymen under foot for 40 years..
And thanks to Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban is a billionaire. And then there's Christian Louboutin. He's a billion dollar a year shoe designer best known for innovatively painting his shoe soles red.

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Now La MJC has released some really spectacular shots of models wearing the . Wait for it . $700+ sneakers and gallavanting around the streets of Paris.
The save would ultimately pave the way for a Portuguese winner deep in stoppage time. Moutinho delivered an enticing ball toward the penalty area. Alves found himself in acres of space and twisted his header past the diving Ochoa to give Portugal a victory at the death and dash Mexico's hopes of concluding its friendly slate with a positive result..
Daughter inspires me to design. I like to design pieces which are classic and can be passed on from one generation to another. I don like to make trendy pieces.
It's worth noting that the Christian louboutin's emerging markets headquarters covering a vast region stretching from Russia to Namibia is in Dubai. By comparison, global leader Nike does not have a corporate presence in any Arab country. And unlike Nike and the rest of the competition, Christian louboutin is working hard to cement its presence in the region..
SHINING STAR: One of the up and coming names in ballet is set to shine tonight when "The New York City Ballet Moves" is at The Smith Center. Justin Pecks is only 25 and was promoted to the rank of soloist last week. He's been with the Corps de Ballet since 2007 and has choreographed three ballets in the past six months.


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